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PR stuff. The good, the bad and the ugly.

May 6, 2011

Good morning boys and girls! Sitting comfortably? That’s good, as we have a few things to go through today! One can argue whether it’s good or bad not to post every day, there are obviously certain pros and cons as well as some double-edged aspects, like when you think that you had a nice writeup figured out in you head and then you come home, open your mailbox and see the message from the Nike’s PR agency providing you with pictures and video promoting the new 125th anniversary kit together with two pieces about the club’s history and the kit itself.  Whilst the latter says quite a lot about the garment on offer, the one about the history of the club is just one page long, but since it came from Nike’s people rather than the club’s, that is pretty understandable if you ask me. You can check out the video and the pictures on the blog’s Facebook page. Nice job!

Whilst I am not a tree-hugging warrior type and I love driving around in my gas-guzzler, I try to do my bit by recycling whatever I can to delay the moment when we all collectively sink under the pile of rubbish by a couple of seconds, hence I quite like the idea of making the thing out of ‘up to thirteen reclaimed plastic water bottles’ which would apparently take up to 500 years to decompose. According to Nike, the whole process supposedly saves 30% of the energy when compared to manufacturing traditional polyester and will prevent about 100 million of these bottles from being dumped at the landfill sites for centuries ahead. From now on you may want to think twice the next time you are about to bin a plastic bottle, as  it may just end up on one of the Arsenal players lifting the trophy next season otherwise! How exciting, eh?

If you are now thinking what about the glass bottles, given that unless you happen to be at a football game,  the beer does not really come in plastic ones, then you may want to consider that there are plenty of players on our books with moving parts made of glass, so recycling these may also help in that field. And this is where I will leave the ideas on how other recyclable materials can contribute towards the club’s success to your imagination. Serious and humorous suggestions welcome!

Story of the Arsenal season so far...

If I write one more word about the kit, I am guessing Nike’s agency will need to put me on their payroll, so I say enough of these ‘messages’. Whilst all these corporations can be quite creative, so can we: what you see above is another fine example of the evil Photoshop genius having been put to a better use for the greater good of the Gooner society. As much as the regular readers need no introduction, I am happy to tell the newcomers about ArseGunn’s resident visual artist, the man whose brilliant work can be seen here as well as by simply hitting the ‘Home’ key. Some say he likes to aim at heaven to get the earth thrown in rather than aim at the latter and get neither (C.S. Lewis). Some say he is cynical, whilst it is just that wonderful lack of respect for everything and everybody (Brendan Behan). All we know is that he is called Tiarnan! Mesdames et Messieurs, chapeau bas!

The idea behind the above picture sprang to my mind after our memorable and significant victory over Yoonited last Sunday. The original depicted a soldier sticking the red flag with completely different symbol on it to mark the victory over the Nazi empire-to-be in 1945, which sight brought a few tears of joy to the eyes of those who lived to see the day, but all this came at a pretty hefty price and there were many not so victorious moments on the way there. Don’t know about you, but I could think of a couple of parallels here: an epic victory after being down on the knees for some time with all this being achieved through massive losses that were felt for a good few years to come. Does that sound familiar? Most of you will have little or no problem with seeing the first part of the analogy, but the latter may require a few words of explanation.

I think it’s safe to say that this season is different from the previous ones from the Arsenal’s perspective as it appears that the club’s on and off the pitch shenanigans have now finally woken up the sleeping giant that is the unrest amongst the fanbase. If the results of the Online Gooner’s poll on whether AW is still the man or not are anything to go by, it would appear that once the small group of renegades daring to criticise Our Glorious Leader has now grown considerably and the club may have quite a problem on their hands. A few embarrassing defeats resulting in throwing away the league title, coupled with a few PR disasters in the shape of Wenger’s quotes, PHW’s ridiculous reaction to the Arsenal Supporters Trust’s press statement about the disappointment with the team’s performance and – last, but not least – the most recent ticket price hike announcement gift-wrapped by the CEO’s statement about the ‘exorbitant transfer fees and wages’ are not doing the club’s image amongst the fans any favours and I don’t think you need a PR genius to work that out.

I am one of the popular ‘renegade’ website’s regulars and what I can see is plenty of new posters making emotional statements about being disillusioned and feeling tricked by the club one time too many. Some of them say that they are being priced out of going to the games, I have even read about one of the poster’s 15 year old kid asking his old man to rent out his season ticket until Wenger goes.  If your heart is Arsenal badge shaped, this is no laughing matter, whichever way you like to look at the glass filled in half.

And yet, all this can go away if the club chooses to give us fans some nice birthday presents in the shape of these few players we all have been crying out for and a proper piece of silverware at the long last. Wrighty7 seems to believe that there is still chance of the latter happening earlier than most of us think. A dope? Not really, just a fan!

Come on Arsenal, make it happen!