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Carnival, anyone?

May 22, 2011

So, are we still here? All of us? If we are, we must either be all sinners not worthy of participating in the whole rapture business, or Mr Camping’s math must have been slightly off. Phew, so we still have the chance to make ourselves look better and it has to be said that our Ladies as per usual lead the way with another (eleventh, to be precise) FA Cup to their name. Given that AL were formed a whole 101 years later than their male counterparts, it has to be said that Vic Ackers is something of a British women’s football world’s answer to Herbert Chapman all these years ago. And before anyone starts correcting me: yes, I know who the current Arsenal Ladies manager is and I say big up Laura Harvey, kudos to her and the rest of the girls, you rock!

We love you Ladies, we do!

And the funniest thing about this all is that for obvious reasons we can’t even use the good old ‘This is how you do it, ladies’ in the next team talk for the boys, as this one liner can only be used as a praise for the actual fairer part of the Arsenal FC playing staff. Well done!

I always was a bit of a fan of ALFC and what irked me considerably was that they never had much of a victory parade (if any), even when they won a quadruple (or a quintuple, if you count the Community Shield) in 06/07 season. I mean, this would not only show the appreciation for their drive, desire and professionalism, but would also make for a nice festival that could be enjoyed by even the most hard nosed lot who may consider girls playing football as a bit of a joke. Let’s not forget that it might also serve as a bit of a motivation for the club’s first team, as seeing the jolly bunch of fans on the sunny afternoon celebrating the results of hard work of these who appreciate how important it is to give their all for the badge might give them food for thought. Maybe it’s just me, but the ALFC trophy celebrations might just become another fixture in Gooner folklore. Worth a thought, maybe?

And boy, do we need a carnival these days! I am writing this one rather late, the kickoff in the last game of the season is just around the corner, yet if you are to believe the Tw*tter messages there are still spare tickets available for this one and Craven Cottage trip is usually a nice way to end the season. The weather is sweet too! Even though I consider myself as one of these who saw it coming, I am really finding it hard to believe that it is actually happening. And believe me, there is not even a tiniest grain of glee in the likes of me when we shake our heads and say the dreaded ‘We told you so’.

Apparently, Cesc tweeted the picture of himself at the Spanish GP today. Now, whatever you all say about the injured and suspended players not travelling to the away games, he is our captain and him not attending the last game of the season is simply not on, besides, a trip to another part of the city is far less than flying to another country. This is just a sign of lowering the standards, just like when our players turned up to the cup final wearing tracksuits. I believe there is something horribly wrong with the team these days and quite frankly I am happy that this season is finally over. The few months between now and when we start yet another season should give us a fair indication where all this will be going. If you need to recoup how it all went this season, check out Pedro’s brilliant post on Le Grove!

Come on you rip roaring Gunners! You know we can’t smile without you!


Best man? The worst, just don’t tell the bride!

May 12, 2011

So, the learning blitz is now officially over and I can return to the life as I know it, you know, the usual stuff like airports, glitzy receptions, fine spirits and all that. Well, at least that’s what the next few days will be all about with me embarking onto the heroic mission of witnessing one of my best friends being sold into slavery. Why is it heroic, you will ask? Well, if you knew a thing or two about the wedding parties in Poland in general as well as the lot who will be there witnessing and celebrating throughout the weekend, you would not waste your time asking about the bleeding obvious, but spare a thought about my general wellbeing and pray for me to have as much of recovery powers as I like to think I still have at my old age!

It is the normal practice in Poland for the wedding guests to get completely smashed, get up to some ridiculous stuff throughout the party, hopefully have enough decency to lay down peacefully, then wake up, have some light breakfast, and then reconvene for some ‘extra time’ on the following day. Since my mate is a lovable bastard and one funny ass mofo, I am more than happy to oblige – I am guessing that reminiscing stuff like meeting that dude with a camel (yes, a camel) on a leash at 5 AM on Saturday in Opole, Poland and then riding the damn animal after giving it wine and beer should induce a few laughs!

Depending on the time of the day when you read this post I may be either still packing, on my way to the airport, on the plane, landing or already proceeding with getting shitfaced as soon as I set my foot in Poland and get in the groom’s car. With just one day to go before the wedding itself and my cover having already been blown, it is not very likely that I will be in position time- and frame of mind wise to write the match preview, so please excuse me if I go quiet or a few days. We play Aston Villa on Sunday, a very much a nothingy game if you consider our league position as well as theirs, which may yet give us a few things to write about nevertheless: it’s the last home game of the season, the controversial black scarves march is due to take place and there are rumours of Cesc playing his last game for Arsenal. All this, however, does not seem to be enough of a magnet to flog the tickets to the game, as these are still available on as I type. Seems like quite a few season ticket holders have decided not to go and actually made the effort of reporting it to the club to make their seats available for those who are so vocal about how crap our home support is and remember, there are scores of these who simply can’t be asked to do even that. Our best player waving farewell to the half-empty stadium? I could not sum all this up any better if I tried and tried very hard at that. If the decision makers at the club are not shaken by this allegory, I say we are in serious trouble!

You've been warned!

And you know what? Even though I remember sneaking out to watch the game in the other bar room at the venue where another wedding party took place a few years ago, I am going to give this one a miss too! Bros before hoes? Club before country? It’s bros before the club this time as the former tend not to let you down, simple as that. And this is coming from a man who would drag a group of people he just met halfway through Brussels to watch the North London Derby without the option of taking ‘no’ for an answer! Come to think of it, there were a few other occasions where I would simply bend myself over backwards to watch my team play and I am really struggling to remember the last time I have missed the Arsenal game. You will say it must be the sense of the ‘alternative occasion’, I say I would probably still watch it with the groom’s blessing if I could be bothered like I simply can’t right now. Wenger said that something was gone at this moment and it certainly appears to be the case with this Gooner zealot…

So, there you have it: since ‘the best squad ever’ was in the record breaking business for all the wrong reasons throughout this season, I am going to break a little record of my own before the whistle is blown for the last time at Craven Cottage next week. And you know it’s bad when you just want this one to end and then fast forward to the next one, eh? OK, I may actually suffer from the proper football deprivation in the degree sufficient to give the customary Barnet game some attention. Who am I kidding? I may be a bit cross with the club right this very moment, but it is very much like a very close and dear friend or a spouse who you love to bits even though she can be a bit of a bitch and you can’t stay mad at for very long!

Thank you for reading and enjoy yourselves this weekend, whatever your stance on the current situation is. Now that we have virtually bugger all to play for, it really is only a game for once, you know? Shit, did that sound wife-like? Must be the wedding mood getting the better of me…

Wedding wishes for the top man of a mate and his bird are welcome!


Saturday guff.

April 30, 2011

‘On a lazy Saturday morning when you’re lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one. Are you awake, or are you dreaming? You see people and things; some are familiar; some are strange. You talk, you feel, but you move without walking; you fly without wings. Your mind and your body exist, but on separate planes. Time stands still. For me, this is the feeling I have when ideas come.’

Lynn Johnston

The author of the above quote is a Canadian cartoonist behind the For Better or for Worse cartoon that ran for the impressive 30 years. It has to be said that one can only envy this kind of consequence and wish for the same. Quite frankly, I am really struggling to think about something interesting to write about, so I guess I will do a bit of a press and blog run to see what the others have come up with on the lazy bank holiday weekend Saturday.

Thinking that it may be the best idea to get the worst out of the way first, I have gone onto the website of a popular red top to see that Alchy is already thinking of his team being crowned champions in a week after they beat us and Chelsea. If you needed any more encouragement to cheer on the latter today, look no further – say what you want, but since we have no chance in hell to win the thing (despite of what LeGrove’s genius chief statistician RayGooner has managed to come up with – see here), I would absolutely love for them to trump the Jocko’s lot. Oh well, that will teach me not to touch the tabloids with a barge pole, eh?

Lazy? Moi?

Bang, there goes my press overview! Having done a quick screening of the other blogs I read, it seems like the others had the same idea, so instead of being repetitive, I will just quickly summarise what they had to say. LeGrove’s Pedro talks about the images of the new kit which is to be introduced next season to celebrate the club’s 125th birthday. Has to be said that it does not differ from this season’s one a whole lot and I am not too sure whether I like the idea of the away kit being white with the shorts presumably coming in navy, since we had the redcurrant ones this season. You know what team it resembles, don’t you? We had the white third kit last season and I can’t think of a single good game when we donned it. If you look like Sp*ds, you play like Sp*ds, let’s hope for our sake that it’s not some kind of curse. Pedro also mentions the Guardian’s interview with Djourou, which  makes  interesting reading, you can have a look here.

ACLF’s Yogi Warrior also wrote a piece on the latter subject, although he chose it to be the core subject of his today’s post. The slant is obviously a little different, but that is the beauty of the Gooner blogosphere, you can find something to suit your personal stance whether you are the of ever-the-optimistic lot (commonly referred to as AKB) or one of the realists, who the former like to think of as DooM™ raiders. YW also touches on the subject of the team captaincy, following the words from OGL about how the armband burdened our favourite Spaniard at such a young age. Dear Arsene, I hate to say that but we told you so the very moment he was given the footballing equivalent of Tolkien’s ring to bear. If this is your token time to figure out the bleeding obvious, well…

Just to continue with the chain of thought in the same manner, it’s time to mention Arseblog’s today’s post saying a bit more of the issue YW just slightly touched – funny how all this falls into place if you keep the correct order, one blogger gives you a little teaser at the end of his post  just for another to make it the main point of the article. Arseblogger is his usual boilky self, but hey, it’s Saturday peeps! His article also mentions the interview with Verminator who claims to be ready for the first team action. Thomas, we love you, but I say you may want to sit this one out and come back stronger next season, hopefully with another shiny new monster of a centreback to partner you. We hardly have anything to play for, so I don’t think there is any need to take unnecessary risks.

Last, but certainly not least: just to wrap things up, let me mention today’s tongue-in-cheek post by RockyLives you can read on the ArsenalArsenal site. The author is mocking the idea of the march due to take place before the Villa game in a few weeks, it’s pretty well written and funny in a way, but you know my take on the subject, don’t you? I don’t think it’s clever to dismiss the points behind the WHOAG’s initiative without giving them a thought. But hey, let’s hope these humorous pieces will go some way towards releasing the tension amongst those who want to oppose the peaceful demo in the less-than-peaceful manner.

Anyway, thank you for reading this belated post and let’s hope the blue scum will give the lilywhite scum a good hiding!


Three points in the bag + Big news on the ownership front

April 10, 2011

Just as I thought I would sit down and write a nice match report, here comes the damn Yank with all his money and spoils the plan. Despite all the legends surrounding the life of a sports blogger which would make you believe it’s all jet-set, caviar, champagne and other stuff I prefer not to mention, it’s harder than it looks! But hey, I can’t really complain, could be much worse, like nothing to write about or doing a post mortem after a less favourable result, eh? As they say, there is no harm in excess and I feel that my readers can’t be let down by yours truly, so let’s get cracking!

I gotta say phew, we made it look like hard work! Those who watched the game will know the scoreline does not tell the whole story – just to start, let me tell you that if the bookies took bets on Arsenal lineups and if I was a gambling man, I would probably be stinking rich by now. It’s only the inclusion of Lehmann as a result of another mysterious injury sustained by Almunia that would put a spanner in my works on this occasion, you know? And before anyone asks, I categorically deny possession of the Grays Sports Almanac issued some time in the future, as I would definitely be a ‘gambling’ man and could probably afford to buy our club with the lunch money. Not to mention that my yesterday’s preview would contain a set of prophecies about Diaby getting the first goal and Zinedine Eboue scoring an absolute cracker of a second and the comments section would be full of suggestions for me to seek professional help, just for me to have the last laugh! I mean, to continue on the gambling subject what were the odds of that happening? Walking past the bookies offices during the day, the adverts mentioned Nasri, Robin, but these two? Fair play to them, especially the latter goal cheered up the travelling support and I thought that we were well and truly on our way after a bit of a shaky start.

But we just don’t do the things the easy way, do we? We had a few more situations to score, most notably when Nasri hit the post with the keeper beaten after hitting the ball in clever fashion. Robin also had a chance to increase the damage earlier after hitting the ball straight at the keeper, but to be fair it was not the easiest of chances. In the latter situation, the peach of a long, pin-point pass from Cesc, who played his 300th (yes, that’s three hundred you see there) game for the club deserved to be an assist. He was also in the right place to clear the ball off the line with Mad Jens in a bit of trouble just before the final whistle.

The start of the second half looked a bit like the beginning of the first period with the only difference being the goal they managed to pull back after seven minutes. Oh shit, here we go again, I thought and probably so did you! A bit later on Koscielny tackled the opposition player in the box, my heart skipped a beat and quite rightly so, as it looked like a stonewall penalty. Lee Mason must have either not seen it or might still be consumed by the feeling of guilt with regards to allowing that Saha goal when we played Toffees at home and he was miles offside. You would think we would have run out of the ref credit by then, but when Koscielny barged a player in the box sometime later, the whistle stayed silent as well. Say what you want, I’ve seen them given! Maybe he thought football was a man’s game, as when Wilshere was a victim of a similar, albeit much stronger barge earlier on, he did not bring BFC player to order either, which resulted in Jack the Lad being kicked left, right and centre. Given that he is the biggest hope of England playing nice flowing footy in the coming years, that’s a tad unpatriotic if you ask me, but there you go.

Enough said, we have finally put the game to bed in the 75th minute when Theo broke free and squared the ball to RvP for the mother of all easy finishes. 1:3, thank you very much! Since there was not a lot to write home about afterwards, it was not quite the broadside I was talking about yesterday, but a win and three points are not to be sniffed at and I would be daft to think otherwise. I don’t even want to begin to think about the consequences if we did not get the result ahead of the next week’s clash with Liverpool next week. Emirates can be a very cold and unforgiving place and tens of thousands of thumbs pointing downwards can knock the stuffing out of any gladiator. Now, I don’t need to tell you that it would be the last thing we would need, do I?

Moving  on to the next subject: without a shadow of doubt, the Gooner universe has been rocked by the news of the imminent takeover by the largest shareholder, Mr Stan Kroenke, who appears to be set to acquire the shares held by Danny Fiszman and Lady Nina, taking the percentage of the club owned past 60 per cent. Breaking news indeed.

Blunt object or Stanley knife?

He is not a man of many words, hence the ‘Silent Stan’ moniker, so it is difficult to fathom what that means for the club, small shareholders and – last, but not least – the most important people, which is you and me. It’s getting a bit late, I need to do a few other things, so for the time being I suggest you read the brilliant piece from The Swiss Ramble to get the idea on what kind of man he is. Rest assured that I will come back to you with my take on the subject as soon as I get my head around it a bit more.

The sudden nature of the takeover suggests that Danny Fiszman may not be in the best of shapes, so please spare a thought for him as one of the men behind the club being where it is, if not out of the common human decency. All the best, Sir!

P.S. The goals and other videos linked in the article are courtesy of Arsenalist, which is the best place on the web to get the highlights from the Arsenal games. I have now included the link to this site in the side panel and you may want to check it out whenever you happen to miss a game or just relive a moment or two – enjoy!


Hammer time!

March 19, 2010

After some time without writing due to other commitments, I am back with a preview of the Saturday’s derby game – I am posting it a day earlier as I need to make my way to London today to do some work related stuff and I will be staying until Sunday because I am one of the lucky sixty thousand or so going to THOF tomorrow – I consider myself lucky as there doesn’t seem to be too many tickets available until the end of the season and I quite like WHU, especially after they did us a favour back in 2006. Besides, it is my first London derby, unless you count Chelsea v Charlton cup game a few years ago.

All sympathies aside, this is another cup final like game we need to win in order to stay within touching distance from the other two title contenders. Sure, they will drop points, but we need to gain on them if we are serious about winning the last (albeit the major one) domestic  trophy we still can. It will be interesting to see how our opponents will approach this game after getting humiliated at Stamford Bridge last week and even more so how will we, given the string of recent results and the squad brimming with confidence: as we all know, the line between confidence and complacency is very fine as far as this group of players is concerned and WHU have been a bit of a bogey team for us since we moved to the new stadium. I still remember us getting sucker punched by them when we should have mauled them and left them for dead in our first season there – I was at the pub full of their fans and they could not believe it either, honestly.

According to Our Glorious Leader, we will have our captain available for selection as well as Rosicky (both returning from injuries) and Song back from two game suspension caused by accumulating quite an impressive amount of yellow cards throughout the season. The only worry is that Billy is still injured and we will have to make do with one of the backup centre backs partnering Vermaelen – I have a hunch that this time it will be Sly to save impressive so far Sulzeer from fatigue, as this was showing a little bit in our last game. I may be wrong, as this time he had a whole week to recover and he may as well be raring to go in order to wash off the distaste left after storming out of Highbury during halftime last time he played them in Arsenal colours. The rest of back four pretty much picks itself with Clichy finally finding some form and Sagna looking good in the last game as well. In other areas we are almost at full strength – please feel free to think of your own favourites to start the game and I shall think of mine, I am guessing we would all come to pretty much the same conclusions anyway…

All of the sudden, it seems to be clicking into gear, don’t you think? It seems like all the underperforming players started playing like we all knew they could and like we fully expected them to – cynics may say that it largely coincides with the upcoming World Cup and the players’ willingness to get into their national coaches’ good books, I think I will stand by my own claim that they must have taken a long close look at themselves and considered criticism heaped on them by the fans, whose patience started wearing a little thin. It is really funny to see all the pundits who wrote us off a few times this season trying to back us up to win the title without looking like mugs – have to admit, I thought it would be between us and Chelsea this season but I was not too optimistic about us coming up trumps. Realistically speaking, we will probably finish a measly few points off the top, but hey, where is the fun in that? We will win the bloody thing – hell yes!!!

All I can do is keep my proverbial fingers crossed and sing my heart out tomorrow! I should be back with a game review on Sunday, but please forgive me if I get too wasted after the game and will not be able to string a few celebratory sentences together…

Come on you Gunners!!!

P.S. There is a small matter of Champions League draw today- bring’em on! 😀


Trophies. It’s all about trophies.

February 3, 2010

It’s just a stupid sports commercial. Or is it? Amongst the boasts and wishful thinking of others, Captain Fantastic tells us what we are in it for. Trophies. In case some of you forgot, it’s something that is being handed to the individual or team that goes right to the top, vanquishes whatever stands in the way and keeps the composure when it matters the most. Whenever a team does it, the fans go mental and that gives players the positive buzz as well. Winning stuff breeds winners, not winning squat and being also rans doesn’t. Yes, it’s that simple: it creates something called ‘winning culture’, where only 100% commitment is enough and failure is not tolerated.

Our Glorious Leader, after not delivering any silverware for a good few years still has the cheek to prioritise the trophies he wants to win – Carling Cup is for kids and FA Cup is just a nuisance. It seems like – once again – AW has his eyes firmly set on the Champions League and the Prem. Now don’t get me wrong: it’s really commendable to have ambition and aim high. Then again, is it realistic? The table doesn’t lie: we are 6 point off the top, we play leaders next and the show our boys managed on Sunday doesn’t exactly inspire confidence ahead of the short trip to Stamford Bridge, if you take their proud home record into consideration. However, now that we seem down and out with no one giving us a chance in hell, we may go there and win. Barring some ridiculously lucky draw, I wouldn’t count my chickens as far as putting our hands on the Ol’ Big Ears is concerned either. Not to mention that our next opponents may have other ideas too: Porto smashed Sporting 5:2 yesterday, just to let you know.

Carling Cup is referred to by some as ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’, ‘Milk Cup’, ‘Worthless Cup’ and the like. Try telling that to fans who belted out ‘We’re going to Wemberly’ after beating their respective opponents in the semis. Sticking to your principles is all fine and dandy, but how is letting our young  players getting spanked by Man City in the quarters beneficial to them in any way, shape or form? Sure, it should teach them humility and give them a benchmark to aim at, but it is also dangerous for their mentality: being played off the park and losing 3:0 is not good, no matter what sort of excuses you can come up with. Plus, if you effectively throw the game in the quarters, it doesn’t do the senior squad any good either as far as their belief in the manager and the like is concerned.

As for the other cup we have deliberately dropped out of, I think I have said enough in the post I wrote the other day. What needs to be pointed out is that our most prized asset and skipper asked AW to play in that fixture, clearly being the one who wanted to win it more than Arsene. ‘It’s all about trophies’, he says in the above commercial and you could be excused for thinking that he may start considering his options if we finish this season empty handed. Fighting for the Champions League existence in order to balance the books doesn’t sound too exciting when you are an exceptional young footballer with more realistic chance of winning stuff someplace else, it’s the pensioner’s job. Given that Cesc publicly voiced his opinion that reinforcements were absolutely necessary in order to compete (some will say it’s a poor attitude to have, I will say it’s honest), our manager’s lack of activity in the transfer market is baffling.

I am not a doom monger, just a very, very angry fan. Some will say it is not our divine right to demand trophies and I concur: it’s not, but demanding ambition, dedication and giving them all a damn good go certainly is…

Thank you for reading!


Two is the magic number.

January 28, 2010

Two zeros on the scoresheet. Two points dropped. Two players injured. Hit woodwork twice. Result: two points off the top, although the leaders have a game in hand. The next two games are absolutely crucial as far as our title chances are concerned. Hell, getting results there is vitally important in order to finish no lower than third spot, looking at the Premier League table – 6th placed City, having only played 21 games to our 23 would be far too close for comfort, should the worst case scenario unfold. Why is finishing in the top three so important, you will ask: take into the consideration that it is the World Cup year and I would rather not have to go into the early Champions League qualifiers, as it would deprive our players of much needed rest – our team is packed with internationals and I would prefer to start the next season proper as late as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, but I go into every game expecting that we will get all the points, as it is really no fun otherwise – this is what being a fan is all about, right? I wrote yesterday that nothing less than 3 points will do for me and I was genuinely convinced that despite the fact of trip to Villa Park being a notoriously tough fixture (just ask Chavs), we would come up trumps. Members of ‘glass half full’ brigade will say that it’s not too bad a result and I would be inclined to agree, given our lineup. When I first saw the team assembled to face Villans, I really felt for Cesc who was asked to orchestrate our midfield play partnered by two lightweights in the shape of Ramsey and Denilson. Again, let me explain: that’s some grossly unbalanced midfield, if I ever saw one – three players of the same kind, with the only classy one being Captain Fantastic and the other two just making up the numbers. Unsurprisingly, Denilson was his normal useless passenger self, bar one good scoring attempt and our young Welshman was again guilty of not keeping things simple and doing the best piece of defending for Villa by getting in Rosicky’s way when the latter wanted to smash in the rebound after Fabregas’ shot cannoned off the post with the keeper beaten. The goal was gaping with Friedel being nowhere and only shit luck or Ramsey could have prevented us from going one up right before the break. Sadly, it was the latter.

We have got equally unlucky in the second half when Rosicky received a clever pass from Cesc, following a nice break by Arshavin, which ended up with their goalie thwarting his shot. The ball went skywards, the brilliant Spaniard cushioned it towards TR, who frustratingly blasted it against the crossbar. If that didn’t tell you that it wasn’t our day, then maybe injuries sustained by Verminator and Dudu will leave you convinced. While we know that our Crozilian has just pulled a hamstring, which apparently is just a minor niggle, there is no solid confirmation if we should or should not worry about whether we will see TV anytime soon. Now let me put it this way:  I love Eduardo, but his temporary absence from the squad will not have as much of an impact as having half of our best CB pairing for years out of the contention for God knows how long. Hopefully, we will know a bit more today.

Our Belgian was replaced by Sol Campbell who once again was very impressive – I had my doubts whether he could handle playing multiple games in the short period of time, yet he proved that he was much fitter than anyone would care to give him credit for. Yes, he has lost a few yards of pace, but he should be able to make up for it using bags of experience he has. The way he pulled down Dunne and pleaded innocence immediately to get away with it was absolutely priceless. If he manages to pull us through the next few games in the same fashion, then I will be getting his name printed on my new home shirt, due to be announced anytime soon. Rumour has it that we will finally get to look like Arsenal again with all white sleeves – I deliberately bought only the away kits this season and the last, as our current home outfit makes us look like Charlton.

Before this ‘make or break’ period started, I said that I will be happy with seven points from four – this is not how I planned it, but we can still equal or better my estimate. The next home game against the fired up ManYoo, who have just beaten their nearest rivals to the Carling Cup Final will show what we are really made of – we should have Song back and Bendtner will have a few more training sessions under his belt to shake off the rust. He looked reasonably well yesterday and we might have fared a bit better, had he started in place of our No.9 who looks worryingly off pace.

I will not tear into below par performances of a certain few, it should be enough to say that one can only hope that we will not see too much of them in the upcoming matches – please Arsene, see the light: they are not good enough, they don’t have the ‘qualitee’, and should not be anywhere near the first team. With just the mere few days of transfer window left, something must be done. We have the best chance for years and not addressing all-too-obvious shortcomings would be bordering on professional negligence. Please, please, please…

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with good news on Vermaelen as well as with my thoughts on the last three days of the transfer window. As Wrighty7 likes to say: keep it Goonerish 😉

P.S. Since we didn’t score any goals (luckily, neither did they)  and the highlights of single non-scoring chances are quite hard to come by, these who didn’t watch the game or simply want to relive it are welcome to check out the highlights here.