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Carnival, anyone?

May 22, 2011

So, are we still here? All of us? If we are, we must either be all sinners not worthy of participating in the whole rapture business, or Mr Camping’s math must have been slightly off. Phew, so we still have the chance to make ourselves look better and it has to be said that our Ladies as per usual lead the way with another (eleventh, to be precise) FA Cup to their name. Given that AL were formed a whole 101 years later than their male counterparts, it has to be said that Vic Ackers is something of a British women’s football world’s answer to Herbert Chapman all these years ago. And before anyone starts correcting me: yes, I know who the current Arsenal Ladies manager is and I say big up Laura Harvey, kudos to her and the rest of the girls, you rock!

We love you Ladies, we do!

And the funniest thing about this all is that for obvious reasons we can’t even use the good old ‘This is how you do it, ladies’ in the next team talk for the boys, as this one liner can only be used as a praise for the actual fairer part of the Arsenal FC playing staff. Well done!

I always was a bit of a fan of ALFC and what irked me considerably was that they never had much of a victory parade (if any), even when they won a quadruple (or a quintuple, if you count the Community Shield) in 06/07 season. I mean, this would not only show the appreciation for their drive, desire and professionalism, but would also make for a nice festival that could be enjoyed by even the most hard nosed lot who may consider girls playing football as a bit of a joke. Let’s not forget that it might also serve as a bit of a motivation for the club’s first team, as seeing the jolly bunch of fans on the sunny afternoon celebrating the results of hard work of these who appreciate how important it is to give their all for the badge might give them food for thought. Maybe it’s just me, but the ALFC trophy celebrations might just become another fixture in Gooner folklore. Worth a thought, maybe?

And boy, do we need a carnival these days! I am writing this one rather late, the kickoff in the last game of the season is just around the corner, yet if you are to believe the Tw*tter messages there are still spare tickets available for this one and Craven Cottage trip is usually a nice way to end the season. The weather is sweet too! Even though I consider myself as one of these who saw it coming, I am really finding it hard to believe that it is actually happening. And believe me, there is not even a tiniest grain of glee in the likes of me when we shake our heads and say the dreaded ‘We told you so’.

Apparently, Cesc tweeted the picture of himself at the Spanish GP today. Now, whatever you all say about the injured and suspended players not travelling to the away games, he is our captain and him not attending the last game of the season is simply not on, besides, a trip to another part of the city is far less than flying to another country. This is just a sign of lowering the standards, just like when our players turned up to the cup final wearing tracksuits. I believe there is something horribly wrong with the team these days and quite frankly I am happy that this season is finally over. The few months between now and when we start yet another season should give us a fair indication where all this will be going. If you need to recoup how it all went this season, check out Pedro’s brilliant post on Le Grove!

Come on you rip roaring Gunners! You know we can’t smile without you!