The end of the world day thoughts.

May 21, 2011

If one is to believe Mr Harold Camping, member of  the US-based Christian group, Family Radio, today is the day when Jesus Christ returns to earth to take with him the good ones to heaven and leave the sinners to face the end of the world. No kidding. And apparently, there are some complicated mathematical calculations behind all this and the Kiwis are going to get it first, earthquakes, wrath of God and stuff like that. Being my normal ever so optimistic self, I prefer to believe the Mayans who gave the good ol’ planet one more year, however, what if I am wrong on this occasion?

If the doomsday scenario is indeed already brewing in the Pacific, depending on the scale of the problem and how rapidly it spreads across the planet, we may still get to see the final round of games tomorrow or we may not. Worse still, when the archaeologists from another galaxy arrive in a few hundred years and put together the history of this Premier League season, the Mancs will be the champions, the Carling Cup winners will be hovering just above the relegation zone and the Arsenal will be the biggest losers of the lot. So, what are your Judgment Day thoughts, not as a person, but as a red and white blooded Gooner? ‘Fuck this, should have stayed at Highbury and bought Messi’ is probably the common denominator here!

Jokes aside, I have just seen the goals scored by Bent last Sunday and seriously, this is no laughing matter. Both of these were totally avoidable, as far as I am concerned, leaving a striker who always scores against you ‘unattended’ is embarrassing at any level. I used to watch the non-league football quite a lot back in Poland and  I would scream my head off, seeing my defenders as static as that playing the Sunday morning game where some of them would still probably earn a driving ban for being a bit tipsy! Here is to hoping that OGL has finally seen the light and realised that whilst some rules are meant to be bent and others to be broken, there is no way around the old principle that you buy twice if you choose to buy cheap, which will result in finally making some proper investments in the areas we have been crying out for reinforcements since the summer of 2008.

If Mr Camping’s calculations are correct, should the alien archaeologist land in the North London area and set up his site on the remains of the more glamorous of the two local gladiator arenas, he may come across records of strange and inexplicable decisions pointing to the stubbornness of the man at the helm, where the voices of criticism were dismissed as ‘silly’ and the identical mistakes were repeated season in season out, bringing the same results like clockwork. But hey, like I said, I choose to believe that we still have some time to write a whole different story, where all of the above problems were rectified and there were some precious metal artifacts for the space Indiana Jones to dig up from the ruins of the Emirates!

One more year!

And it would appear like some wheels are already in motion on the playing personnel front as last night the Tw*tter thread lit up like a Xmas tree, awash with news of us signing Vélez Sársfield’s Ricardo Gabriel Álvarez. I would love to be able to tell you anything about him, but since Argentine Primera División is not exactly at the top of my list of interests, I can only rely on the videos like this one and what the others say and most of the opinions are positive. 6’2″, pacy, natural wide player and shoots from outside the box, I say welcome to Arsenal! Sure, he is not the marquee signing some of us (yours truly included) are clamouring for, but it’s a start.

Since we have covered the ‘in’ bit, time for the ‘out’ column: last morning, The Sun readers had the pleasure of finding out that D******n wants to quit Arsenal, apparently frustrated with lack of trophies, being a ‘wiener’ himself. According to the hack behind the piece, the fans are ‘rocked’, I hasten to add that they are also ‘rolled’, but we better put the champagne on ice, as the fact that he wants to go does not necessarily translate to him actually going, it’s similar to Diaby wanting to win Ballon d’Or or Bendtner wanting to be amongst the best strikers in the world. Selling him may prove quite a challenge for the biggest marketing minds there are and I will only believe in him gone when I see him holding his new shirt with Stevie Wonder, his new club’s chairman right next to him, blissfully unaware what he has got himself into.

All steps in the right direction and to be frank, since it’s pretty unusual for us to make early moves like that, it just seems like the last week’s events made a few people wake up and smell the shit that just hit the fan. A new hope or am I being duped again?

Looking outside the window, it all looks about as unendoftheworldish as it gets, so I guess selling what you own and doing all the stuff from the list of things to do before you die can wait. I say enjoy today like there IS tomorrow!


  1. Then Arsene must be the first to be judged. judge me in May ,remember ?

    Alvarez who??

    Another unknOwn ??

    I saw his youtube clip though. He looked promising. He runs at defenders and loves to dribble too.

    If he is a squad player,good shout. He must not be our main signing !

    As for Arsene and the armageddon, that would be a very long judgement day for the officials in heaven.

  2. you know what my May judgment is quite well, don’t you?

    we don’t normally do any early business, so I guess there will be more…

    Alvarez is said to be another freebie, begs question why didn’t we just buy him a year earlier, given that our lack of width this season was criminal?

  3. He will hit the gym soon. At 188cm , he is a good shout.

    Are we going back to the days of Athletic players?

    Am I Being punk’d?

    Add Adam Johnson to that, and Barca will shit their pants more. He is England’s answer to Ryan Giggs.

  4. *pants***

  5. I say every tallish player is welcome, I have had it with the midget army bouncing off the walls 😉

    I would have Johnson as well, finally giving Theo the central ‘Roadrunner’ role with RvP supplying him!

  6. Exacty

  7. Exactly!

    Now lets not forget that bigger signings are still needed in volumes.

    ThEo and Benz with RVP in the Bergy role. Immense!!!

    I have one problem though; when Denilson goes, who will be my fav player to slag. He will be missed.:)

  8. just found it on another blog:

    Argentine journalist Manuel Olivari tweeted this yesterday: “Ricky Alvarez no firmó ningún precontrato con el Arsenal, es información falaz”. Loosely translated, this means: “Ricky Alvarez did not sign pre-contract with Arsenal, it is false information”.


    I will not mind if I don’t have a player to slag off, not one bit 😉

    as for our current No.15, well, even though playing him in the role to which he was absolutely not suited did not do him any favours, these comments of his were well disrespectful, no?

    still, I fully expect him to piss all over Serie A or La Liga in a more advanced position, watch this space!

  9. hope we jilt all those players we moan about. Ii am tired of moaning too.

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