Celebratory pottery smashing? You betcha!

May 8, 2011

First and foremost, Happy St Totteringham’s Day!

Virtual and real champagne corks are popping, laughs are being shared, 4th (or better) place trophy is once again secured and it’s not like we are going to be all mature about it, if all that comes with the additional buzz of Schadenfreude at the expense of that lot from the wrong end of Seven Sisters Road, is it? Hopefully, all that mouthing off has now been curbed until at least mid summer, when we will once again hear about how we will be upstaged by that North London superpower with their new shirt sponsor. Up yours, Sp*ds!

All the tribalism stuff aside, I would like to take this occasion to wish their Welshman a speedy recovery from the injury of yet unknown extent inflicted upon him by a rash tackle committed by Blackpool’s bad boy Charlie Adam who is apparently second in the bookings league and fourth in the fouling charts this season. Taking today’s game into the consideration, these wishes could not be any more timely: when our last week’s hero, Aaron Ramsey got his leg broken by another ‘honest lad without a bad bone in his body’ the reactions from the neighbouring camp were mostly sympathetic, some were anything but, however, we are a classy outfit and we should rise above the latter to reciprocate the former. Get well soon, monkey boy!

Speaking of primates, we have a particularly nasty lot to negotiate today and I don’t think there is any need to remind anyone what happened last time we travelled to Britannia Stadium, is there? I had my say on the subject last year and I don’t think there is much of a need for me to repeat myself. It’s a real shame that Stoke are currently on 43 points and there is no way for them to get relegated, as since Allardyce was sent on the dole where he rightfully belongs, they are about the last team in this league playing clueless neanderthal football with their players being the team sports’ answer to the missing link in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution: stuck somewhere in the middle, being too ‘tough’ for the civilised football league and too wimpy to play rugby. We should consider ourselves lucky that they happen to play in the FA Cup final next weekend, as they would probably kick the living shit out of us otherwise, still, a lot will depend on how much they will be allowed by the man in black, Mr Mark Halsey, as they are sure to give their usual ‘tactics’ a try. An early booking or two should cool a few heads there!

Team photo. Say cheese, Ryan!

After the last weekend’s win over Yoonited where Ramsey scored the only goal of the game, Our Glorious Leader seems to think that striking the iron while it’s hot is the way forward and that it will do him a world of good to return to the scene of the crime at the earliest opportunity. For once, you will not find me disagreeing him and as far as I am concerned, it’s actually good to see AW not cotton-wooling a player on this occasion – here is to hoping that this trend will now continue and be applied to each and every ‘member of staff’ at the long last! Make no mistake, Rambo is in for a real baptism of fire today, as if the stuff I read on Tw*tter over the last few days is anything to go by, their fans don’t seem to have enough decency to appreciate a top player returning from career-threatening injury inflicted by one of their own and are willing to support this clogger who is due to play his 150th game for them by booing our man instead. What a classy bunch they are, you really could not make it up.

Both teams have a few players missing, I think we can be pretty happy with their striker, Ricardo Fuller being out, as he seems to have a knack for scoring against us. If you are to believe Orbinho like I do, he managed to put four goals past our goalkeepers in as many outings, therefore him being out of the picture can only be a good thing. As far as our first choice personnel goes, we have Fabregas  and Nasri definitely out with Djourou and Clichy said to be facing late fitness tests, which means that we may see Gibbs and Squillaci in the back four, as I don’t think AW will risk playing recently recovered Vermaelen in today’s game. There are some rumours and conspiracy theories doing rounds about a few of these players being out of the picture, but let us focus on two games we are about to witness today and leave that stuff for the post which will go up in the near future. I know I have promised to touch on that subject and I am a man of my word, you better be ready for theories mad enough to make Mel Gibson’s Jerry Fletcher blush and eat his tin foil hat!

I would not expect any other unusual inclusions or players being rested as the idea is to maintain our good record against them and take all three points ahead of the two teams above us in the table meeting just after we finish our business with them Potters. I would not mind a whole lot if the later game was to end up with a mass brawl, flurry of red cards and point deductions, failing that, with a draw or a Chelsea win. Pretty please, St Totteringham? I was a good boy the whole season, you know? Amen.

Come on you rip roaring Reds!


  1. We know how to use the ball. They know how to throw the ball. Those fans are idiotic to think of booing Rambo. Hope those lot get relegated next season.

    I can see that Tiarnan has done it again in the graphic design sector. That pic is sick and wait for it…………..


  2. I heard Bale was bemused at the undeserved praises he has been given this term. He is just a flash in the pan. Certain overrated British players have never gone on to be what people thought they were. It surprised me that Nani or Tevez didnt win the PFA.

  3. well, one can still hope for a mass brawl in the cup final or in the remaining two games and a 10 point deduction, eh?

    as for the graphics, this time neither is of Tiarnan’s doing, the top pic is a T-shirt design (click on the pic for shop, thought it would only be fair since I am using it) and the mid-article one is straight off the web 😉

    anyways come on you Gunners – 1:0 will do me just fine, although we may want to clock up the goal difference a wee bit…

    I reckon Tevez is too established and Bale was just that flavour of the month…

    as for Nani, they say he hasn’t got it, as the competition was not for girls 😆

    but yeah, good player!

  4. I have nothing to say.but Summarize all the comments on Le grove! Now off to support les chavs for the title

  5. I am not sure if I want to write the post for tomorrow…

  6. Hahahahaha. Even the chavs have borrowed a leaf from our bottling textbook. They are back to being chav again.

  7. and yet they will finish above us…

    I am in properly grim and shitty mood, if I met an AKB in the street, I would smash his head in!

  8. I dont want Wenger to die or get cancer. I would love him to get kidnapped, Madeline McCann style, you know. Thats the only way he can stop being our manager.

  9. I just want the new owner to show that he has a pair or just move aside and sell the club to Usmanov…

    I still have some respect for the big fella and if he wants to ride into the sunset with bags of cash, I say all the best!

    but I just don’t want him to ruin my club anymore!

  10. Any manager to replace the guy which you suggest? I m not good in naming names like Steve Biko or GSTAR. I wont watch this team next season. How can you get out thought by virtually every manager, esp the shite ones? Is David Moyes rated by you?

  11. And don t even mention LVG ! He is getting senile and rigid too. So it would be more of the same.

  12. David Moyes was up there, but I would not touch him with a barge pole after he came out with these Cesc comments, you just don’t do this…

    I would say Pep, but he will not leave Barca for at least another year, therefore, we need a caretaker, as sure as hell AW is not the man for the job any longer!

    if what Ice says is anything to go by, there is some talk of Van Basten being considered and I would not mind that a whole lot…

  13. Ice is G STAR s brov! They come up with the same rumours. Sorry for no apostrophes in my phrases. My mobile browser is mediocre. Guardiola will stay at Barca for another 4 years at least. He might even do a fergie and stay for many years. So that rules him out

  14. to be honest, we need to think rather long term, if we are looking for an ad hoc solution just for a year or two, we still need to get someone who will be able to steady the ship…

    I still think the old nutter LvG could be one to clean up the mess we are currently in, well, come to think of it, anyone of reasonable quality who is not emotionally attached to the ‘Excusables’ might!

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