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May 3, 2011

Greetings everyone! Just a quick one today, as I have some important studying to do this week, the material is plentiful and it’s the one of the most difficult jobs of a kind when you know bits and bobs, but not necessarily the whole picture and you need all the information to fall into place nicely. Despite the formula in the picture mathematically proving that studying brings only failure, I just feel that I need to give it as good a go as I possibly can for the sake of my clear conscience if not for the sake of getting it right the first time.

So, dear readers, I may go a bit quiet this week, but not entirely, as I have got an idea for a post or a couple of them, so please stay tuned!

We will be back right after these messages...

In the meantime, there is that web thingy called Tw*tter, you can check the side panel for the short updates from myself and the interesting stuff other people (or it it ‘tweeps’?) have to say. Anyways, it’s back to work for me…

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Have a nice day!


  1. That equation is un-mathematical.

  2. it is not if you consider ‘No’ as a multiplier πŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah, I’m not really convinced that equation will deliver the success you crave in your exams! Good luck any way though.

  4. to be honest, neither do I, therefore I have to study a bit πŸ˜‰

    still, worry not, I have an interesting idea for the next post, which should be up sometime this week…

  5. Did you watch the El crappico

  6. with one eye open, had an early night y’day πŸ˜‰

    things just ain’t what they used to be, eh?

    and by the way: Happy Birthday Cesc!

  7. Funny how Barca have become our rivals! I hate to see 2 cnuts in the final at Wembley 😦

  8. CL final in London, not a single London club in it and the choice is pretty gash…

    can’t they both lose or something? guess not…



  9. Lmao! Should have been – powered by platini. Dont worry Sucre! We shall be the first London side to win the big-eared trophy. Afterall,we are still the original pride of London, the rest are chavs and tiny compared to us. It all depends on one guy to take us back to gloryland if he makes amendments. His name is a secret though. You know who.

  10. we shall see in the summer, but I am firmly in the ‘doubting Thomas’ camp…

    I have heard too much lies in the past few seasons to have any trust in the ‘one who shall not be named’ – if the serious reinforcements (and replacements if some of the top playing staff goes) are not here by the end of July, watch me go…


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