Thumbs up in the Colosseum + web funnies.

May 2, 2011

And thumbs up from behind the sofa where I spent a few moments between us going 1 up and the final whistle! The long overdue win simply must have happened against this lot, and nobody else because this is The Arsenal we are talking about here, Ladies & Gentlemen – some will say that it’s just too little too late, but I prefer to rejoice in the hard fought win against the self proclaimed champions elects to reminiscing what happened a week or a couple earlier. If you need some memories to chew on, play this video a few times, that oughta cheer you up!

It does not take Einstein to figure out that the common denominator across the Arsenal blogosphere will be the ‘pride restored’ theme, because this is exactly what happened yesterday. Not only we have beaten the despicable horde who came to take another step towards boring everyone to their record-breaking title like it was some kind of formality, but we have also made them to look as ordinary as they really are in the process. Given what was on the show yesterday, it really begs question why we were unable to beat these few teams we came unstuck against in the last few weeks and let’s just leave it at that. As much as I could tell, the atmosphere was also pretty electric, whether it was the sense of occasion, lack of any expectations, reaction to being served caviar or the combination of all the three and possibly more factors is a case for discussion, whatever your take on the issue is, it certainly worked, as the citizens gathered around the arena made all the right noises, if you excuse this little pun.

Can everyone now see what happens when the genuine effort is applied to the proceedings instead of merely going through the motions in order to negotiate these less than glamorous games at the lowest possible energy expense? In the last few days, there were some rumours and suggestions about the clear-the-air talks having taken place amongst the players behind the closed doors circulating the web. Whetever you choose to believe in, one way or the other the team managed to produce the goods and I don’t think there is any coincidence that neither of the usual suspects was anywhere near the pitch. Well, one of my personal favourites was actually on the bench, butΒ  as long as the half arsed warm up is the closest he comes to the actual playing area, I will be a happy man.

Now, I would go into the game in more detail, but the reviews posted up until now are so good and plentiful that I don’t think there is much to be added to that – please see the Blog Roll on your right, I highly doubt that you will be anything but spoilt for choice. Once again I have gone slightly off the target with writing it, but I have a perfectly good explanation. And no, not an excuse, but an explanation, as I would need the former if I was not able to offer anything even remotely enjoyable to read instead.

Unless the writer wants to approach the task of writing the match report in the purely Live text – like manner, there is usually a bit of one man brainstorm on the subject of the slant of the article involved. As we have been taking hits left, right and centre in the last couple of months and the good news of beating the old arch-enemy came alongside the announcement of the death of fellow Gooner, the man who had Cassius Clay himself on canvas, Sir Henry Cooper, it seemed only obvious and fitting to include a boxing reference. Please see the very top result of my Google search done to find an appropriate image to go with the article:

Even Google sees it...

I mean, how funny is that? You think ‘knockdown get up’, the search engine thinks ‘Arsenal’, you really could not make it up! You can see the image being THE top of the results of this particular search here. Whilst we are on the subject of the funny things you get to see online, let me show you how even the ever-so-reliable ‘auntie Beeb’ just did not want to accept the things as they were. I normally use their league table for any quick reference, but I may just need to rethink this approach after it failed to reflect the result of our game for at least an hour and a half after it finished:

...so why can't BBC?

God only knows the reasons behind it, all these Mancs working there must have been doing heavy research on whether it would be possible to replay the game or maybe dock us points outright on the basis of some obscure game law dating back to the ancient Greece which would say something about the penalties not given being different from one another on the basis of whether it was easy for the officials to spot the offence or not. Or maybe the fella behind the scenes just could not be arsed to to it twice and wanted to wait for the game between the New Rich Kids on The Block and WHU to finish. Who knows…

Just to wrap this all up, please allow me to present the second part of the explanation behind not having written a proper match report: I have now embraced the popular social media and set up the Facebook fanpage and a Twitter account! After some hard labour undertaken before I could get the former to work properly and link it with the latter, I am pleased to announce that it is all up and running and you can see the effects by clicking on the below links:

ArseGunn on Twitter: @ArseGunn

ArseGunn on Facebook

I have also added a Twitter widget in the side panel, which should allow me the opportunity to post the random ultra-short ramblings and the breaking news that may not necessarily warrant a few hundred word piece in its own right.

Now, am I excused or what?



  1. Morning SUGA3

    I laughed when I read the sofa scenario, i pressed the pause button with five mins to go, got myself a glass of wine then went for a walk in the garden… I allowed for Ferie time before returning and checked the score, only then could I watch through to the end without stomach knots…

    I knew the score but still thought Foy was going to give them a penalty πŸ™‚

  2. morning rico,

    we have watched the game with my friends at my place and I sat behind the sofa on a bar stool, just to get off it every now and then and peek uneasily – haha!

    felt like a rowdy bunch in the executive box and it has to be said that I did not have that much joy out of a game as a whole for ages – the recent NLD was a 100 mph affair, but…

    now I can go back to work happy πŸ˜‰

  3. I hated the NLD, great game for the impartial but it really depressed me…

    Now Wenger needs to build on yesterday…

    Stoke is a massive game now… 😦

  4. as the Joker would ask: ‘why so serious?’ πŸ˜†

    as long as we don’t get kicked off the park and the boys don’t forget that it’s the same three points as the ones gained against the Mancs…

    shall we start celebrating clinching the fourth place trophy then?

  5. I cannot stand us losing SUGA, i am still angry the swampies beat us at home and we threw away a 3-1 recently..

    Thats 5 points on its own…. Think where we would be with those five points right now and thats without the 4-0 lead we threw against the geordies and the last min penalty against the dippers…

    We should have two hands on the PL trophy after yesterday… 😦

  6. since I am in the ‘jolly beach bum’ mode today, I am all like ‘oh well’…

    I know it’s criminal how we simply chucked it all away, as we should be sitting on the top of the pile and eight points clear at the very least…

    but since I am in the good mood caused by my good feeling not being a misleading one for once, I am prepared to see the bright sides even from this failure of a season: at least the fans showed that they are not stupid and it must have given them a food for thought πŸ˜‰

    I mean, an exec box costs effectively a grand per head, who is going to come and watch losers play? it’s not a good corporate bling, as it’s bad for the business…

    if the stadium is half empty, the boxes will not sell either, no?

  7. A win over the mancs has to make every Gooner smile πŸ™‚

    What beach you on SUGA??

    How many were at the game yesterday, any idea?

    Will be interesting to see how many go for the Villa game….

  8. rico,

    Southend – and I live within about 15 minutes distance walk to the seafront, sweet!

    looked full house to me, I don’t think there were many that would not go or flog the ticket in the end as some might have thought: you never know they may even win, what’s the worst that can happen, I will either leave or boo the living daylights out of them, eh?

  9. Hey! Give me a link to OGL s interview. Is he kidding or am i percieving change or is it the same old tactics of giving promises by may, when we should be judging him? He said he wants to get experience, so i heard.

  10. I’m envious SUGA, can’t wait to be by the coast, just cant sell the house 😦

    I’d loved to have been there, what a great day, sun, warm, the gooners and a losing side for red nose πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Santos, yep he has said he will add players this summer, experience, i reckon 2 maybe 3 – not shirt selling signings but rock solid ones…

  12. Santos,

    you mean the post match one?



    this is the first time I am living by the seaside in my life, moved in October and you know how what it was like until now!

    now I am having a blast here πŸ˜‰

  13. rico,

    I will take the ‘doubting Thomas’ stance on the subject, been fooled more than once…

    like when we were promised ‘super signings and reassurance’ and got Bischoff and Silvestre πŸ˜†

  14. i can see why you would but finally he sounds more certain, all of his i/vs recently have mention ‘maturity and experience’, the lack of it.. i think we could see something more positive this summer, especially as Stan has just taken over, he’s not keen on losing…

  15. i’m hoping for a move to Devon or Cornwall, never lived by the sea either but my word, i’m looking forward to the day i do…

    We have a woofa so nice long walks on the coast, winter, spring, summer or fall, we’ll be on the beach….

  16. yeah, fair dos, but I just hope that he has not lost the eye for the solid players amongst all the twinkle-toed wizards, not to say fairies, as it might be misunderstood πŸ˜‰

    I mean, Squillaci? a million more buys you a Samba…

    Devon or Cornwall? nice, very sea- and countrysidey, no way not to love it…

  17. I couldn’t believe he didn’t go for Samba in Jan, he’d just naffed off his club, wanted out and just what we need and in his price range…

    Now what will he have to pay for a quality CH, unless he goes back for Samba in the summer… I just hope he doesn’t go for Upson if Hammers go down…. Parker yes, Upson, no way…

  18. If he buys Upson I am just going to laugh…

    or cry? haven’t quite decided yet, you say Upson, I think English Squillaci, thaks, but no thanks πŸ˜‰

    I reckon we should spend about Β£15M on a big right footed CB to rotate with Djou and be done with it, shame Sol is not a good few years younger, eh?

  19. Cahill, Robinson or even Samba – but would prefer an Englishman…

    Bartley may be the one who makes the surprise step up, English and very vcheap, he’s already ours πŸ˜‰

    A 25 year old Sol would be just up my alley πŸ˜‰

  20. to be honest, I don’t think Cahill is all that, but I would have him ahead of Robinson who is just a thug πŸ˜‰

    I was thinking more like Subotic?

    but yeah, I would be pretty content with Samba if it was him or no one, he is a man-mountain and is pretty decent on the ball, he played upfront @ Blackburn for a moment, I know it was under Fat Sam, but…

  21. We need a thug πŸ™‚

    Subotic would be perfect – to be fair suga, i don’t care who it is as long as his body goes on the line rather than conced a goal, same up front, i don’t care as long as he can score…

    and, none of them have an attitude….


    jeez, it’s hard keeping up with both sites πŸ™‚

    I’m going to email you suga, that ok??

  22. sure, go ahead πŸ˜‰

    I have been crying out for a monster in defence and another one in the midfield for a few seasons now…

    ‘You shall not pass’ is the word…

  23. Catch you soon here SUGA, be good and enjoy your evening……

  24. β€˜You shall not pass’ is the word… πŸ™‚

    And you shall jump AND head the ball out on set pieces πŸ™‚

  25. will do, same to you πŸ˜‰

    anyone interested, check out the Rambo goal four click art:


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