Saturday guff.

April 30, 2011

‘On a lazy Saturday morning when you’re lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one. Are you awake, or are you dreaming? You see people and things; some are familiar; some are strange. You talk, you feel, but you move without walking; you fly without wings. Your mind and your body exist, but on separate planes. Time stands still. For me, this is the feeling I have when ideas come.’

Lynn Johnston

The author of the above quote is a Canadian cartoonist behind the For Better or for Worse cartoon that ran for the impressive 30 years. It has to be said that one can only envy this kind of consequence and wish for the same. Quite frankly, I am really struggling to think about something interesting to write about, so I guess I will do a bit of a press and blog run to see what the others have come up with on the lazy bank holiday weekend Saturday.

Thinking that it may be the best idea to get the worst out of the way first, I have gone onto the website of a popular red top to see that Alchy is already thinking of his team being crowned champions in a week after they beat us and Chelsea. If you needed any more encouragement to cheer on the latter today, look no further – say what you want, but since we have no chance in hell to win the thing (despite of what LeGrove’s genius chief statistician RayGooner has managed to come up with – see here), I would absolutely love for them to trump the Jocko’s lot. Oh well, that will teach me not to touch the tabloids with a barge pole, eh?

Lazy? Moi?

Bang, there goes my press overview! Having done a quick screening of the other blogs I read, it seems like the others had the same idea, so instead of being repetitive, I will just quickly summarise what they had to say. LeGrove’s Pedro talks about the images of the new kit which is to be introduced next season to celebrate the club’s 125th birthday. Has to be said that it does not differ from this season’s one a whole lot and I am not too sure whether I like the idea of the away kit being white with the shorts presumably coming in navy, since we had the redcurrant ones this season. You know what team it resembles, don’t you? We had the white third kit last season and I can’t think of a single good game when we donned it. If you look like Sp*ds, you play like Sp*ds, let’s hope for our sake that it’s not some kind of curse. Pedro also mentions the Guardian’s interview with Djourou, which  makes  interesting reading, you can have a look here.

ACLF’s Yogi Warrior also wrote a piece on the latter subject, although he chose it to be the core subject of his today’s post. The slant is obviously a little different, but that is the beauty of the Gooner blogosphere, you can find something to suit your personal stance whether you are the of ever-the-optimistic lot (commonly referred to as AKB) or one of the realists, who the former like to think of as DooM™ raiders. YW also touches on the subject of the team captaincy, following the words from OGL about how the armband burdened our favourite Spaniard at such a young age. Dear Arsene, I hate to say that but we told you so the very moment he was given the footballing equivalent of Tolkien’s ring to bear. If this is your token time to figure out the bleeding obvious, well…

Just to continue with the chain of thought in the same manner, it’s time to mention Arseblog’s today’s post saying a bit more of the issue YW just slightly touched – funny how all this falls into place if you keep the correct order, one blogger gives you a little teaser at the end of his post  just for another to make it the main point of the article. Arseblogger is his usual boilky self, but hey, it’s Saturday peeps! His article also mentions the interview with Verminator who claims to be ready for the first team action. Thomas, we love you, but I say you may want to sit this one out and come back stronger next season, hopefully with another shiny new monster of a centreback to partner you. We hardly have anything to play for, so I don’t think there is any need to take unnecessary risks.

Last, but certainly not least: just to wrap things up, let me mention today’s tongue-in-cheek post by RockyLives you can read on the ArsenalArsenal site. The author is mocking the idea of the march due to take place before the Villa game in a few weeks, it’s pretty well written and funny in a way, but you know my take on the subject, don’t you? I don’t think it’s clever to dismiss the points behind the WHOAG’s initiative without giving them a thought. But hey, let’s hope these humorous pieces will go some way towards releasing the tension amongst those who want to oppose the peaceful demo in the less-than-peaceful manner.

Anyway, thank you for reading this belated post and let’s hope the blue scum will give the lilywhite scum a good hiding!


  1. Laziness indeed :D. Good summary of other posts. At this rate, I want the Chavs to win the league. I do not want the Mancs to brag about being the most successful team in England. At least the chavs are still far behind Everton and us in terms of success in the championship. Who I pity are Liverpool. The bragging rights is endangered. They may lose it soon. Its high time they started challenging for the league too. Hmmm long post

  2. Santos,

    I believe that since Chavs spared us the ultimate embarrassment of the first title ever being celebrated at the Ems for all the wrong reasons, I believe it’s our stinking duty to do our utmost to derail Slur AF’s title bid 😉

    nice to see you back mate!

  3. Cheers.
    It would have been sorrowful to let those muppets win the league at the grove. Just as I said on LG, we must try to win at least the FA cup to mark our 125th birthday. Nest ce pas?

  4. Absolument, monsieur!

    yep, we need the real piece of silverware next season, simple as that…

    sure as hell we can’t allow to be trumped by the Sp*ds, they managed a CC in their anniversary year, no?

  5. So that means Wenger has to reflect on his past 6 years, then ask himself questions.A Vieira-mould midfielder and a replacement for Henry are to be considered. Wenger must make some policies that would set us to a revolution. Direct football(Boas style) must be on the walls of the dressing room next season, cuz ,well, I am no longer a fan of tip tap crap footy. Spain made me hate that style in the world cup. Anyway, certain issues must be reviewed this hot summer(since everyone is lazy to write,i assume you know). Certain life changing decisions have to be made in le summer. If these changes are made, we will be back to our old and vintage ways of winning . Where have our traditions gone? I hope we rediscover how great this club is by raising our heads with pride once again. Victoria Concordia Crescit!

  6. these two were never replaced and that is a problem…

    apart from the 07/08 season when we looked allright, we have been bereft of power and pace, and these were the key ingredients of our past success, non?

    VCC indeed mate!

  7. Exactement. Power and pace are the key words. Little wonder we play tippy tap tap nowadays. Cuz there aint n o pace and intelligence. Fellaini might replace Vieira s presence and physicality and power in the midfield for a start, you know

  8. what frustrates the hell out of me is that I just know where the ball is going to go next…

    if I can figure this out, so can every football manager, eh?

    sadly, we have become very predictable, the most recent NLD was a bit of an exception, apart from us being predictably unable to hold out for three points…

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