The rant? Nah…

April 29, 2011

I know I promised one, but why would I do such a thing? It’s Friday, the work week was short, another long weekend has just begun, most people are happy to see the Royal Wedding and coming out today spitting feathers about things that can hardly be changed at this point in time and getting all emotional would be just, well, out of place and probably a bit rude as well. Her Maj is a Gooner, hence it’s like a family wedding and I could never forgive myself if I was to stink out the place or even contribute towards anybody’s mood being less than jolly on the big family occasion. Dear Wills and Kate, all the best!

Worry not, I will keep the fuse lit and it’s only up to the players if it ignites the fireworks of praise or a salvo of criticism at the beginning of the next week, even though all we have left to play for is to deliver the very belated St Totteringham’s Day from the evil Twitchy Grinch. It’s no laughing matter, theoretically we may still miss out on that little joy as well! Needless to say, I will be watching the game tomorrow with great interest and given that like every Arsenal fan worth his salt I only support two clubs (us and whoever plays Sp*ds), I will be a Chav for a day. I will stop short of saying something to the tune of blue being the new red tomorrow, but only just. Call me a blasphemer, but even Churchill once said that he would ally with the horned one himself to defeat that dude with a funny ‘tache, no? Enemy of my enemy, end justifying the means and all that.

Another reason why I’ve decided against letting Our Glorious Leader as well as the underperforming team have both barrels is simply that following the announcement of the protest march due to take place before the Villa game, we have seen enough aggro in the Arsenal blogosphere this week as it is. What saddened me was that there seem to be numbers of people who are prepared to act as praetorians of the ancien régime and how all this is going to end up is anybody’s guess. I mean, what exactly is wrong with a peaceful march? And I wonder how many people lining up to ‘defend the club’ against their own have actually read what the dissidents’ beef is before hitting out at the supposed ‘infidels’? Whilst I am not necessarily fully supporting ALL the points they are raising, they have a few valid ones and they are worth at least listening to without dismissing them outright as ‘silly’ PHW-stylee. Some of you may recall that I am not exactly a fan of picket and demo style protests myself, but if there are people who think that it is a valid form of ‘collective expression’, no one should berate them or stop them from doing their thing. You think it’s silly? Let them make complete tits out of themselves then! A few hundred strong march is not enough to harm the colossus of a club that is Arsenal, surely? I say let them through without causing them any grief, all they want is to be heard by the rest of the family, not too much to ask, is it?

Someone said to me ‘To you football is a matter of life or death!’ and I said ‘Listen, it’s more important than that’.

Bill Shankly

Ironically, both the ‘dissidents’ and the ‘praetorians’ are willing to do their bit simply because they all agree with the above quote. Why else would the former march on the stadium to make the ‘elders’ listen and why do you the latter are so much up in arms at the very thought of anyone daring to contest the status quo? Make no mistake, they are all doing it out of their love for the club, the only difference between them is their respective concepts of what the best way forward for the AFC is. This kind of Armageddon of views will either prove be the catalyst for change or will leave the fanbase divided into the equivalents of Republicans and Democrats, which will sadly mark the end of the fans’  influence, however minimal it may be. One can’t win if there is no harmony, there is even some Latin phrase that says something to that effect, anyone remembers what it is? Once the fanbase is irrevocably and irreparably split, we may as well introduce another known Latin slogan as the club’s motto: Divide et impera.

Just to wrap things up, watch this short video, which should remind you not to take yourself, your next man or OGL too seriously:

Q: Can you spot a fellow Gooner in this one?


  1. Will be happy the Chavs pick up the EPL instead of the Mancs.

  2. Henry,

    quite frankly, given that their recent emergence is the only thing that saved us from watching Yoonited celebrate winning the bloody thing at our place, so will I!

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  4. A: the fellow Gooner is:

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