All I want for Easter is…

April 24, 2011

…three points from the trip to Bolton. Not getting too greedy, am I, dear Easter Bunny? Despite once again hearing about the need to believe and how winning the last five games will yield us a major trophy, I can’t help thinking that all we can count on this season is that little bit of Schadenfreude when we celebrate the St Totteringham’s Day. Our loanee, Carlos Vela did his bit yesterday by the way of providing an assist for the first goal against the scum and almost scoring one just after the start of the game, but I guess we will still need to keep that cheap fizzy plonk on ice until we are properly out of their reach and we can take our solace in the Gooner universe’s answer to Xmas.

Vela’s exploits of yesterday as well as the other few games when he was given his limited chances put the Chicharito’s match winning goals and the widespread claims about us getting the ‘wrong Mexican’ (or a Mexican’t if you were to believe Johnny Depp) into perspective, wouldn’t you agree? Carlos is a player that has it all: pace, tricks and knowledge where the goal is, which can’t be overvalued when we are struggling for goals ourselves and there are seemingly not too many ‘triers’ in our team, unless the players decide to rise to the occasion like we saw it on Wednesday. Crazy thought, but the sudden emergence of his countryman may just give him the motivation required to prove that it is him who is The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico afterall!

Moving onto the subject of today’s game, it will be interesting to see which Arsenal we will see, team selection and mentality wise for a set of reasons: we have played two big games in the space of the last week, lost points from winning position in both, Chelsea leapfrogged us in the table on goal difference and – wait for it – if we SERIOUSLY turn it up and significantly better our goal difference, the title is still almost (with the Chavs beating Yoonited 1:0) in our hands. Don’t believe me? Look at the table and do the maths.

...yes it is!

It does not take a genius to figure out that if we see the Arsenal flying out of the blocks, trying to score as many goals as possible to do just that will be a sign of that belief we hear so much about and it will also go great lengths towards making a roaring statement of intent to take the fight to Yoonited and Chavs, striking the doubt and fear in the hearts of their players and supporters alike. Seeing this would definitely make a few doubting Thomases, including the author, sit down, shut up and take notice. Now, the big question is, does a positive strategy like this even figure in the OGL’s Little Red Book? And more importantly, will the players respond to his rallying cry?

To make things even more interesting, there is another twist to this story: anything less than three points today and with Chelsea failing to get a result against Sp*ds we are running the risk of the very first ‘helicopter Sunday’ at our shiny new ground happening for all the wrong reasons. A win today does not only makes that purely mathematically impossible, but also changes the chopper’s earliest next departure time to the next week and the destination to the Old Toilet, where they can celebrate all they want after beating Chavs to clinch the title. I will not care one iota then. Or maybe I will.

Today is the day when people of certain religions celebrate the belief that their Lord and Saviour rose from the grave, while others just await for the gifts rom the Easter Bunny whether they believe in the former or not. As far as my religious beliefs (CoA) are concerned, the believers will tell you that today is the day when our season is resurrected, whereas the egg hunting infidels will say that all we are getting is a week’s stay of the execution with the horror of public hanging, drawing and quartering being replaced ex gratia (following the emotional plea of the Gooner groom’s brother on the Royal Wedding weekend) by the quiet affair with the use of that fancy French invention called guillotine. I say let’s look on the bright side of things either way, just because the worst case scenario does not bear thinking about, if for nothing else?

Come on Arsenal!

P.S. I have just realised that Yoonited can’t win the title at our place! YAY! But hey, let’s not allow the facts get in the way of good journalism, eh? Besides, the only thing that makes this theory null & void is the sudden emergence of Chelsea…


  1. Wenger has disappointed us again. Now United have won the league. I dont see them bottling it. I hope this is a blessing in disguise though, if you know what I mean.

  2. oh well, at least Chelsea make it half interesting…

    and prevent us from seeing ManYoo celebrate the title at our ground, which would be an approproate ending to the ‘season of records’…

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