Out and about ;)

April 23, 2011

What am I to say? The weather outside is so sweet it would be criminal to stay indoors. My idea is to watch the lunchtime game to see them Toffees stuff Yoonited, then go out to the seaside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. This is my first summer living by the seaside and man, I’m gonna enjoy every last minute of it!

Miami Beach this is not, but...

I could write a little rant about OGL’s newest quotes, ‘drawing mentality’ and all that, but you know what? Meh.

Of course he can’t publicly say the players are all pap and there will be blood, firesale and that the heads shall roll left, right and centre, I know he has to try squeezing every last bit of performance out of them, given that top four finish is still not a gimme, but for crying out loud, he should…


Did that look like I was about to start one?

Go out, have a pint or whatever your poison is, enjoy the day, don’t worry about the things you can’t change and make sure you read the game preview tomorrow!

Goes without saying that I am not that dude from the blue box appearing at the beginning of the clip…

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  1. East Coast, East Coast, here I come 😉

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