How do you solve a problem like Arsene?

April 22, 2011

Three years ago, if I was to open an Arsenal related website and see this kind of headline, despite the first tiny cracks appearing  in the monolith with the ‘Arsene Knows’ sculpted into it, I would just dismiss this kind of question as madness. We have just moved to a shiny new stadium, we came close to winning the title on a shoestring budget with a bunch of kids just one season after our (arguably) best player in history left to the pastures new and I am still of the opinion that we should have won the damn thing, given that we missed out by mere four points, whereas we have been robbed of five points by the referees in the fashion so obvious it was disgusting. The team was an absolute joy to watch, having the correct balance of brawn and brains, our gameplay had it all and hardly anyone had any answer to that. I could not help but think ‘Blimey, the old bugger has pulled it off again, we are on our way, just watch’. And then something went horribly wrong.

From this...

As far as our fortunes and OGL’s approach are concerned, I believe that the summer of 2008 was the turning point: after saying our farewells to one of the very last Invincibles in Gilberto and the little Chav scum in Diarra (who left in the mid-season, to be precise) who both became frustrated with lack of first team opportunities, we have also lost Flamini and Hleb to AC Milan and Barcelona respectively, our ‘Little Mozart’ picked up that mysterious injury and the team had practically lost its spine. The mis-treatment of club’s loyal servant Gilberto captaincy wise, its effect on the mindset of players and the tin foil hat theories about the Italians and the Catalunyans tempting away the players the did not really need are topics for future posts which you may see shortly, but let’s stay on the subject for the time being, shall we?

Now, given that I think of it as the root of all evil (bear with me), let’s take a look at the Flamini situation in more detail: great utility player (remember CL run in 2006?), tons of pace to burn, tenacious and what is the most important of it all, a Ying to Cesc’s Yang, doing all the dirty work for the latter to pull strings in the midfield like there was no one around him. We all saw that in his last season at the club, the season after the summer when Wenger was not too sure what to do with him and tried to sell him to Brum (yes, Brum). Say what you want, but that is shocking man management and not giving him whatever he wanted mid-season or holding him over the barrel when we still had option of Diarra on our books is a case of shocking squad management as well, especially when seeing what he could do! Sure, he may not be the most beautiful player to watch and his passing stats are probably not a patch on D******n’s, but hey, if I was only interested in watching silky moves and no grit, I would just wait until the Bolshoi Ballet are in town. Ray Parlour was not the most technical player either, but it did not stop him from becoming the fans’ favourite and one of the Arsenal legends, did it? If you need proof, look no further than him being one of the players featured on the ‘Arsenalisation’ murals outside the ground…

...to this

All of that condemned us to watching the completely inept D******n and Song taking all the sting out of our play in the following season, the one when people started coining phrases like ‘crab football’ and the like. Yes, I know they were only young, but do I care? There are no trophies for the lowest average age, just entries in the record books that will serve as the sole evidence of that madness, as sure as hell not a single sane Gooner will want to remember that. This is the moment when we started hearing the pearls of wisdom about not killing players, mental strength and not seeing anyone better in the vast transfer market, which begs the question why do we maintain that mythical best scouting network in the world, unless its sole purpose is to find talented kids and buy them all like procreation was to go out of fashion all of a sudden.

So, how does Flamini come into all that, you will ask. It’s pretty simple: having lost a good player on a free, Our Glorious Leader started giving away new, improved contracts to D******ns and Diabys of this world without rhyme, reason and merit behind it. I know he was about to leave on a free, but giving the new two year deal to washed out Rosicky took the biscuit and I remember Le Grove asking whether the ink dried on that contract yet in the match report straight after that. All this reminds of a man who got dumped by a girl of his dreams for being a bit of a dick and then ending up with an ugly, mean hag, being her bitch just not to lose her. Mental? You bet your ass it is!

Now onto the question posed in the headline: it is my belief that someone has to put a stop to this poxy little project of his, there are players in this team that simply don’t deserve to play on this pitch, let alone wearing the Arsenal kit and they need to be cut out like cancer. Quite frankly, if he can’t stomach doing this, well, I say if he can’t live without them, he may as well leave with them, as it’s sad to see him tarnishing his undisputed legacy for the sake of the misplaced and unreciprocated loyalty towards the ‘Excusables’. Just to wrap things up, it’s over to the late Guru saying a few words on the subject:

Worth listening in its entirety, whether you are a hip hop fan or not, you will be surprised how accurate this is…

Thank you for reading!


  1. Good post!

  2. top post pedro!

    And @suga3 has a nice point in his post too!

    Enjoyed reading both!

  3. thank you mate, I aim to please!

    you are free to blog now 😉

  4. Spunknuggets. The load of them.

    Think we miss toure as well now. Elder statesman etc…

  5. I think keeping legends is what being a big club is all about – getting shot of Toure and keeping Gallas was a disgrace, IMO…

    what does it do to your loyalty if you see the ‘Boxers’ being sold to the ‘glue factory’ once they don’t fit in?


  6. Very interesting post

  7. the thing is why does everyone ‘see zis’, apart from the club?

    Cole is another fine example: he is being lambasted by the Gooner nation and for what? knowing his value? and for the sake of £5K?

    still one of the best LBs in the world, just saying…

  8. I still emphasize that the way the invincibles were disbanded within a short period was an aberration. We saw it, but of course OGL ‘didnt see it’.

  9. Santos,

    I think allowing Gilberto, Flam and Hleb to leave (screw Diarra) was the problem, all we needed back then was to buy someone like Nasri to rotate with Hleb and maybe a DM if Song was not good enough…

    Gilberto is still picked to play for Brazil ahead of the Lego haired twunt, no?

    come to think of it, even Sandro and Lucas are!

  10. Yeah that was a contributing factor too. Look at Man utd, AC Milan, even Inter have left their elder players to teach and inspire the younger ones. Our problems started in 2006 when the experience was slaughtered for project youth. Now Arsene has to admit,even his poster child has admitted, failure in the project.

  11. it’s not just that, look at my comment @10:33 – would you rather bleed for the club knowing that you can have your testimonial there or knowing that you will only get one year contracts once you reach 30, no matter how good you are?

    and then you see Silvestre getting a two year deal?

  12. 😀 Sivestre

  13. yep, I am fuming just at the slightest hint of memory of him being signed for two years, knowing that Bobby was told to accept one year or fuck off…

    and then there’s Squillaci – grrrr!

  14. I have forced me to forget about shite players like Silvestre. That was where SAF outplayed OGL. :D.

    In other discussions, I think we need two defenders Cahill and a world class un. I cant mention names. Who do you think it should be? The everyday-mentioned ones do not impress me except Subotic.

    TV could be shifted to DM. His tenacity and technique would justify that. Isnt Bryan Ruiz good enough? the man got skill, style, ball control which are the attributes we crave for. If he replaces Rosicky at least , he will do a good job. And he is cheap.

  15. I reckon AW outplayed himself signing this twat, stingy bugger 😆

    I reckon just buying Subotic, pairing him with TV and keeping Djourou + Koscielny as second pairing would do…

    TV would do well in DM, but I would rather have a ‘purpose built’ player there!

    Ruiz? do you mean this dude?


    sounds good…

  16. Bryan Ruiz would swim to the ems if he heard we were interested in him(Carvalho said that when madrid came calling and what a steal). What are Grimandi and the Chief scout waiting for?

  17. too busy digging up another Squillaci, methinks…

  18. What are they good at? and for them to continually scout Mertesacker is far-fetched. Do you tweet?

  19. What is puzzling is that AW made hardly any mistakes for 10 years but the last 4 years have been piss poor.

    Why so many mistakes Arsene??

  20. nah, but funnily enough, I have started considering it today 😉

    don’t want Mertesacker, he is big, but not mobile enough for the Prem, IMO…


    I reckon the squad back in the Invincible days was so good it was just impossible to cock it up, but the current lot are not a patch on them, problem is that AW will not admit that he is wrong and that will be his ultimate undoing, IMO…

  21. Mertesacker will lose points for us. He is just a lump of a defender. Silvestre has even made him more shite than he was.

    Wenger is just stubborn. If you want to correct him or make an objection, you get thrown out. That, fellow gooners bringeth failure. A glorious leader succeeds when he works with a good, long-sighted, ambitious and corrective council.

  22. spot on Santos, the ultimate undoing of a dictator is always not listening to people who know what they are talking about…

    I will stop short of giving a specific example, but if you know something about history, you will know where this is going 😉

  23. Even a passer-by who doesnt know the topic of discussion would guess right. :>

  24. that’s right!

    I am off to make the Good Friday a tad better 👿


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