Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Not!

April 21, 2011

So, here I am, having just watched the best damn derby game for some time, trying to write something meaningful to begin the post with a bang, but quite frankly, I am lost for words. They say it is better to sleep on it and all that, but I just don’t think it will make the pain of squandering the lead once more to lose another two points just like a few days ago go away. As much as I could just about live with the result against Liverpool, this one made my blood boil: ‘3:1 and you fucked it up’ echoed around the SHL and you will certainly not find me disagreeing with that.

Just to be fair, let’s get the good bits out of the way first: I believe the team as a whole deserves praise for their response after the Sunday fiasco, coming to the ultimately hostile place and not cracking after our initial lead lasted only two minutes, but adding another peach of a goal just five minutes later. Another good thing was that we just kept on going and looked impressive throughout the first 40 minutes, which eventually paid off when Robin scored the third.

This is where the praise for the team as a unit ends, and the only good words I have from that moment onwards go to our young goalkeeper. Some people may say he could have reacted better when facing their player rather than conceding the penalty which set the score at 3:3, I say put him behind a defence that will not leave him ridiculously exposed like that or at least under a manager who knows how to defend a lead and watch him go. Sure, I may be a bit biased, given that he is my countryman and namesake, but come on, results of the MOTM poll on Pravda.com tell me that I may just be right. Like it or not, given what we saw in the second half, he is the sole reason why we have managed to get away from the SHL with a point and kept our pride more or less intact by not allowing these unsavoury characters from down the road to do the first league double over us in Wenger’s tenure. Another fine performance from the young goalie in a big game and as far as I am concerned, buying a ‘top’ player for ridiculous money to be our next no.1 will be just another sign of shocking management as the sums we are talking about here are much better spent on improvements in other positions to represent much better value for money.

Take a bow, son!

Which brings me to that less pleasant part. Since we are now officially done with the due praise, time for a short analysis of what went wrong: given the few results I really can’t be bothered to mention ad nauseam, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that we can’t defend a lead to save our lives. Last night’s game was pretty much the epitome of that, as we witnessed us conceding goals just minutes after scoring not once, but twice and the blame must be laid at our players’ door as VdV and Huddlestone were allowed all the time and space in the world to score two good goals. The former was allowed to run with disinterested Diaby (who had another stinker, by the way) jogging after him instead of busting the gut and the latter just stood outside the box waiting for the inevitable rebound to smash the ball low and hard off the post to double their goal tally on the night. As far as the second half is concerned, apart from the RVP’s wrongly disallowed goal and Szczesny’s heroics, the less is said, the better.

I mean, will this team and manager EVER learn? Don’t know about you, but I am yet to see any evidence to convince me that it is the case. I could add something about Our Glorious Leader’s gut-wrenching post match interview, but I think you know what he said and what my opinion on the subject is, so I guess I will spare my keyboard all that furious tapping. Come to think of it, I will actually touch one subject, which is the ’15 unbeaten game run’ nonsense: dear Arsene, I hasten to point out that it is actually theoretically possible to go the whole season unbeaten and get relegated with 38 points to your name. We are now in the third and the way the things are going I would not even put the unthinkable past this lot. Now look at our fixture list between now and May 22nd and take the rollercoaster of a season thus far into the account, can you really say, hand on heart, that you are absolutely positive that we are certain to qualify to play in the CL?

You gotta laugh, otherwise you will cry…


  1. and his claim that we were tired because of sunday match … is ridiculous reason. now if things not go our way at bolton we have ready made excuse…derby in midweek… pppppwwwwfffff

  2. of course, what else?

    off with his ‘ead!

  3. We have unique way of not capitalizing on Manure’s shortcomings. When we were 3-1 up,my heart was still beating, knowing we would bottle it. Man did it happen. This must be our worst season under Arsene. Because the way things are going, Mancity may finish above us. I will never watch us play till further notice. At the pub where I watched the match, the El classico was shown too, so Madrid got those muppets slain which made my day more bearable.

  4. Guys,
    you are right. Arsene has a ready made excuse for every game. I wonder what the next will be. We may struggle against Bolton. Inasmuch as they are now playing good footy, remember they have to bounce back from a Wembley heartbreak. So I think they will go back to old ways against us.

  5. Santos,

    to be honest, it’s the same set of tired excuses uploaded into him and set to ‘shuffle’ mode 😆


    as for Bolton, I don’t think Coyle will want his team to kick the shit out of us, plus if you look at the table they have little or nothing to play for, IMO…

  6. Is Stan going to make that big decision? I think not. I told my mates that Stan looked so down after watching one game. What will happen to him in one season, i wonder. If Wenger departs, who do you think will replace him? Don’t even mention Guardiola! Cuz it wont happen

  7. why not?

    we are a big club, we have enough money to compete effectively and Guardiola is young and ambitious, I reckon he would love a challenge with the difficulty level upped a notch?

    Stan is not stupid (I hope) and knows that vox populi vox dei, methinks…

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