Pride to be restored. Blitz the Yids or die trying.

April 20, 2011

pride /prīd/

  1. A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self-respect.
  2. Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association

Having been served the gruel throughout the 90 minutes on Sunday and ending up with the late desert in our faces, slapstick comedy style, you could be excused for having little or none of the above ahead of today’s all important clash with our hated rivals who will definitely be up for doing a double over us this season. Forget the win in the early stages of the Carling Cup, the league is the real thing, and despite our chances of winning it being slim to none, I don’t think I can stomach losing another three points at the Shite Hart Lane. You know what I am talking about and so should the players, as far as I am concerned, any player who is paid an arm and a leg is expected to leave an arm and a leg on that shitty pitch if need be, otherwise he should do a decent thing and hand in a transfer request out of that old fashioned and long forgotten thing called respect or at least the fear of the Fraud Squad finally getting their hands on him for impersonating a Premier League footballer.

You know who you are...

Seriously, I should be writing a rousing post, but you know what? Quite frankly, I can’t be arsed, as I don’t think I have a single good thing to say about this team at the moment. Call me a big kid throwing the toys out of his pram and tell me how I have no idea what the meaning of the word ‘support’ is. While you’re at getting all high and mighty, add the customary instruction where to go and who to support instead, do your worst and I’ll just laugh. As you can probably tell, the ‘benefit of the doubt’ credit in my book has now run out, seems like I have yet again been proven right and it’s the team’s turn to convince me, you and everyone else on the damn planet. I don’t want to hear a single more cliché about the derbies making you a man, about this game being set to be more intense than ever, all I want to hear is the deafening silence from the Sp*d sectors with chants and cheers coming from the away end. To put it simply, I am not interested in hearing that the pig’s arse is pork, I want to see the talking being done on the pitch.

After the win at Blackpool, the players have blown the chance of getting the fans firmly on their side by surrendering the tiniest of leads gained against the decimated Liverpool in truly embarrassing fashion. Now the pressure to deliver today is on and we all know that this team doesn’t do pressure, don’t we? You think it’s over the top? I say each to his own, I am yet to be convinced that it’s not necessarily the case, having seen our lot choking  like clockwork whenever there was something to play for, be it the first piece of silverware in a few years, or gaining ground on the title rivals by the way of capitalising on them dropping points. ManYoo getting only a draw yesterday adds that little bit of excitement to the proceedings we are about to witness tonight and I am not quite sure whether to be happy about this or not.  Now, don’t get me wrong: there is nothing I would love more than to be proven wrong on this occasion!

I want to see the performance (not necessarily one of the free-flowing, flying kind) and the result, I want to see these increasingly loudmouth lowlifes from down the road beaten into submission, humiliated and left for dead with any funny ideas of cancelling St Totteringham’s Day this season obliterated from their chicken heads. And before you ask: yes, it is about me. And you. And that fat dude in the hallowed red and white standing next to you in the pub. Not about new contracts for the players who are yet to prove anything or deserve them, not about the manager who seems to be gradually losing the plot or about the new owner. They are all not doing half bad thanks to all of us, it’s time for them to give us something back and that’s pride, the bragging rights and the feeling that you can go to work tomorrow with your head held high rather than to endure the neverending tirade about that mythical shift of power in North London. Shouldn’t be too hard, eh?

Come on you rip roaring new arsehole tearing Reds!


  1. what’s up you mug

  2. oh, and decent post

  3. hello Rohan, nice to see you here 😉

    looking forward to the game like the mug I am 😆

  4. Sorry Suga

    I feel we’re going down tonight.

    Yids have more pride in their little fingers than …. you know the rest.

  5. Bello

  6. charlie,

    hence the ‘die trying’ bit 😉

    but I predict a riot if we go down to that lot for the third time in a row…

    hello scott, you are free to blog now!

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