Instead of team talk…

April 17, 2011

All there is to be said is: Thank God it’s Friday (still) – since I am not really in position to write a 1,000-word piece, I will just use the video that says just as many:

Come on Arsenal!


  1. Remember who you play for.. And who you represent… Why dont you want to write a long post today. Im beginning to question your mental strength. D

  2. Did you watch El classico? It couldn’t be more classic: end to end football. I think RM were more practical. Pepe was a beast in the CMF. They didnt stop playing well and fighting eventhough they were reduced to ten men(heard maureen practised playing with ten men), and could have won if khedira took his chance well.

  3. Santos,

    I think it’s a case of being strongly mental rather than mentally strong today 😆

    bought the birthday bwoy a Pool top and told him it was all they were getting this week – haha!

    as for the El Classico, we hardly got together to watch the MOTD, let alone a full game…

  4. Now the title is over! Im gonna cry for days b4 i stop. An 80th minute equalizing peno is bearable but a 99th minute one is heartbreaking, morale devastating, and unacceptable. The Wenger out brigade ( im among) are back again saying Wenger out. But mate let’s be mature about this, it wasnt Wenger’s fault today. Eboue was to blame. The look in the players’ face reminded me of Bham 2008, you know. I wont stop mourning, because the Chavs and their northern counterparts are breathing on our necks.

  5. ++ faces++ 100th minute++

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