TGIF! Big weekend ahead.

April 14, 2011

No matter how much you like your job, Fridays are good – it’s always quite cool to wake up on the day knowing that you will not need to do the same for the next two, no? Plenty of activities to choose from too! Getting smashed on Friday night? Sure thing! Nice stroll alongside the beach? Why not? Staying in bed without a care in the world? Knock yourself out! All these decisions, yet since you are on here, there is one common denominator: weekend football. The season is now approaching its business end, with the top teams playing for honours and the bottom feeders fighting for their right to remain at the level they are currently at, all for the sake of  the club’s income as well as the players’ honour and the bragging rights for the people who have been supporting them all season. Obviously, there is not just one kind of supporter, there are both these whose belief is of the unconditional sort and these of the ‘tough love’ kind and as far as I am concerned, it’s all about striking the right balance, as both these ingredients are necessary if you are looking to succeed in whatever you do…

As far as our season is concerned, I believe that there was not enough of the latter kind until it all went horribly wrong and I hope that Our Glorious Leader will draw the right conclusions, which will result in change of approach to ‘credit and criticism where it’s due’. Seriously, this team is not young any more, and it is my belief that it is the time to remove the safety net to get the ‘young adults’ (as opposed to ‘kids’) accountable for their failures, otherwise this team will resemble a grown man who still lives with him mum and it seems impossible for him to grow a spine and hold his own as a result. I could  go on a bit if a rant of the subject, but being the grownup with my mummy pretty much half of the continent away I need to get ready for work!

Chelsea play a fairly winnable game against WBA tomorrow, which I will be watching with interest to see whether I should be worried about our current position with them only four points behind us or not. Generally speaking, I would not be expecting anyone to do us any favours in this round of fixtures, save for some freak results, so the pressure to get the result in the next few days is very much on – we play the toughest game as far as the supposed top teams are concerned and in addition to that we only have three days before the North London Derby, where there is a lot more at stake than just some poxy three points.  If one was to use an athletics reference, one could say that as far as our season goes, the next two games equate to the last curve after which we will be entering the last long straight where the runners need to muster all the remaining  strength with the finish in sight. I think this metaphor is pretty accurate, as we play one game per week from the next Sunday onwards, but I wish it was that easy – once we enter the last stretch, there are still a few fellow ‘olympians’ who will not stop short of tripping us to either deny us the winning opportunity (ManYoo) or just out of their despicable nature  (Stoke), but hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Easy to forget if you live in Tottenham

This Gooner is off to London for his Liverpool supporting mate’s birthday party today, which may well extend all the way until Sunday when our teams meet, so please forgive me if my game preview is a bit sketchy! Of course I will do my best to deliver, but you have to appreciate that writing quality blog requires plenty of effort and great mental strength and whether I will be mentally strong or strongly mental tomorrow remains to be seen…

I guess I will let you be the judges of that!


  1. iii fear that Chelsea are behind us! Hope we play our part tho. TheY will spank WBA out of annoyance,II predict. Wenger’s use of the phrase ‘mental strength’ has Become an everyday thing for our fans;even me and recently, you.D

  2. the ‘mental strength’ bit was firmly tongue in cheek just as a prompt to what followed in that sentence, I thought people might find it funny – I am a jester, I am!

    let’s hope we can get a result as it will give the team a mighty boost and the fans may just get on the team’s side a bit more – as I said in the Blackpool match report, the result in that game must get the fans ‘interested’ – now they need to give them something to properly cheer about: effort, effort, effort 😉

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