Spring clean!

April 13, 2011

Top o’the morning to ya! Just a real quickfire post today, as I need to get some rest before tomorrow, when I will be flexing my intellectual muscles during the revision course ahead of an important exam next month! Not going to elaborate on the subject too much, as it’s a football blog, but I can tell you that me passing this one as well as the next few to complete the qualification will certainly increase the chances of me saving the world no end, so keep them fingers crossed. Saving from what? Don’t ask, you name it!

These of you who are not here for the first time have most certainly noticed a change in the decoration at the top, as ArseGunn has now got itself a shiny new header! I would love to say that I am that adept at the Photoshop dark arts, but drawing, painting and image editing in general was never my forte as I always was more of a writer and a singer/musician – I guess the world would definitely be a better place if people stuck to what they know, wouldn’t you agree?

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present you the man of great talent, someone who could not fail to make us chuckle on Le Grove threads over the last days, one who made me spit out the lager laughing after the page reloaded to unveil his fresh post, a man representing the single nation of people for whom, according to Siegmund Freud himself, psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever, the one, the only, the great Tiarnan! Credit to this man, they say the spring is the time when you tidy up the mess around you and start afresh and his contribution here is the equivalent of redecorating the house – maybe not a top to bottom job that might cause you to lose that familiar, homely feeling you are used to but certainly makes you feel a bit better as you walk in.

Fine Malt Rendering

Since I have returned to posting literally a few days earlier, it all kicked off rather nicely and it is quite nice to add something new for you to enjoy and then write about it, praising someone else’s work – like I said, credit where it’s due! The second line in the old header used to read ‘By the fan, for the fans’, now it reads ‘By the fans, for the fans’ and it has to be said that it is now more accurate – sure, it’s me writing the posts, but come to think of it, the people who comment or provide other input like Tiarnan just did contribute towards making this site better as well – thank you all!

Given the recent events, there are a few other subjects that will require a little or a little more attention, but I will leave them for the next few days between now and Sunday when we play King Kenny’s Liverpool who have just smashed the New Rich Kids On The Block, so it will definitely not be easy…

Stay tuned!

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