R.I.P. Danny Fiszman (1945-2011)

April 13, 2011

Three days ago, when I reported the news about the Kroenke’s takeover, I said the following:

‘The sudden nature of the takeover suggests that Danny Fiszman may not be in the best of shapes, so please spare a thought for him as one of the men behind the club being where it is, if not out of the common human decency. All the best, Sir!’

Sadly, no amount of  best wishes and ‘get well soon’ messages could help him overcome his battle with cancer and the great man is no longer with us. Say a little prayer if you are religious or indeed spare a moment to thank him for what he has done for us if you are not.

There will be no snappy writing or witty captions today, just the picture of him at the last game at Highbury holding the symbolic key to our new home, which says a thousand words. I tried to post the article from the official website to my Facebook page to pay my respects, but I was pretty disgusted by the choice of thumbnails to go with the link, neither of which was the picture of the late fellow Gooner. I will have you know that  all of them were adverts and this post is just to put this travesty right!

A suitable email expressing the above views has been sent to the club…


  1. Who knows? he may have made a good decision for the Arsenal,afterall. I Just hope it will be. What a diamond! Hope his familY have the fortitude to bear his loss. Moving us to Le ems was historical. We must surely honor the man, you know? An efigy or Obelisk.

  2. thanks to Tiarnan, I have a few header banners to choose from, I have just put up one that is not as jolly…

    I can do that much!

    edit: had a little thought and I’ve just edited it into B&W…

  3. And he was gooner. That is rare nowadays. The directors and members of the board are after their stacks rather than the pride of the club. Here’s hoping for a brighter future.

  4. *a gooner

  5. Amen! I am raising my glass to that…

  6. After a legendary spanking, I wonder what the idiotic Spurs supporting media will be saying. I now realise we even gave it a try and were not spanked like they pictured it. Chelsea played with no mental strength. Spurs, hurrgh!! They were a disgrace.

  7. all there is left to do is taking the last thing they live for this season away from them and spanking them at their crib in a week to bring the St Totteringham’s Day a little bit closer!


  8. Howdy?
    With Djourou and Chesney back, i am confident with the defense once again. Add Sagna to that and Theo van Nasregas to that with a ‘motivated’ Diaby and a true goOnEr LJW.
    We may spank any team.

  9. well, I would prefer the approach where the work ethic comes first – it is the first game after their disgraceful exit from the CL where they have set themselves a new record of the biggest aggregate defeat inflicted upon an English club…

    not to mention that they have the advantage of having four more days of rest and that it is the biggest game of their season!

    I don’t think I can stomach these inbreds doing a double on us, you know?

  10. Remember when we bottled it last year, we didn’t have a full squad. Im confident we will do them at the lane. They didn’t have anything to lose against RM,but should have shown some pride. In Arsene’s village, that defines success;getting to the QF of the CL. If we play pragmatically at the Lane, we will get a result.

  11. I actually remember that game differently – they scored a fluke wonder goal (can’t remember what the name of that baby Sp*d was), that knocked the stuffing out of us a bit…

    Wenger cocked it up by introducing RvP way too late as well!

  12. Daniel Rose

  13. cheers mate, freak goal, but a good one nevertheless!

    *washes his mouth out with the mixture of soap, industrial disinfectant and battery acid*

    I watched that game in Brussels, had to scram from a nice dinner to get to the Fat Boys sports bar, took a few people along with me and the result made me drop a level or two 😉

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