Gunners go naval. Blackpool preview.

April 10, 2011

Ahoy Gooners, today we travel to arguably one of the finer places for an away trip, sweet weather, seaside resort and since the plan is to put another nail in the coffin of our opponents’ top flight survival hopes, we may as well make the most of the rare trip we will make there, as barring some odd cup game we may not have another occasion for at least another year. Even though the game is at the time which pretty much leaves little space to enjoy the rollercoaster ride or view from the Blackpool Tower, at least have yourselves a little stroll on the beach if nothing else! Failing that, go to a pub and get yourself in the mood to sing your heart out for the boys, but I don’t need to tell that to the most brilliant away supporters on the planet, do I? Thought as much…

Let’s not dwell on what Our Glorious Leader or less-than-glorious chairman had to say for themselves over the past couple of days, shall we? They say whenever God wants to punish someone, first he takes their reason away, so let’s just leave it at that. Whether you agree or disagree on the subject of the title being still within our reach or not, we still have a few games to play, and given the look of the league table, namely the top five, we still have stuff to play for regardless, as if anyone is sitting comfortably thinking that top four finish is a foregone conclusion without even considering the point tallies and respective fixture lists of the teams in contention, then he may have another thing coming. The glass half full brigade say ‘it ain’t over ’til it’s over’ and who am I to disagree with that undisputed truth, eh?

The general feeling amongst the fans is not the best and the good guys in red & white need to give us something to cheer about before the next home game against the resurgent Liverpool next week. Dismantling Blackpool in convincing fashion should do a great deal of good in that respect and I think everyone will agree with that. I like Ian Holloway and Blackpool, as they play fairly decent football, but they are hopefully set to feel the wrath of the wounded beast that is the Arsenal Football Club. The picture posted today shows USS Iowa firing the devastating broadside of her 9 16-inch guns and this is the sheer destructive power I am expecting my team to deliver today. No pressure then!

Yes, we tonked them 6:0 at home and their last victory against us dates back to the decade when the TV was black and white and Sp*ds last won the league, but we know that Arsenal broke a few ‘records’ of that kind already this season, don’t we? But let’s just concentrate on the positive thinking, the players need our support and as long as we do our bit, then we will either have a reason to cheer without feeling a bit stupid for not believing or we will have clear conscience as far as having the right ol’ moan is concerned if the worst happens. I think it sounds fair and reasonable, very much a win-win situation, if one can even think about it in these categories.

According to BBC, we have D******n and Song definitely out plus Sagna and Theo who are highly doubtful. Being the worshipper of the Murphy’s law, if they are doubtful, I consider them as out of the contention. Oh well, we will have to fight with what we have, it’s not like moaning about the absentees will heal them, is it? Good news is that we are likely to see Szczesny, Djourou and (whisper it) Vermaelen back in training shortly, which should allow us to see the backs of Almunia and Squillaci, preferably never to be seen on the pitch again. Given the personnel we have out, I would consider tinkering with the formation a bit, but since AW does not do tactics, it’s a moot point. I believe that we are most likely to see the following team:



Ebowie   Squillaci   Koscielny   Clichy


Nasri                 Cesc

Bendtner          RvP           Arshavin

Subs: Lehmann, Miquel, Gibbs, Frimpong, Ramsey, Diaby, Chamakh

Well, at least that ‘s  what I would do, as we need as much dynamism as we can muster. As Blackpool like to shoot on sight, I want Wilshere playing the holding role, as he will at least get in the way a lot. The front three should just interchange positions to keep their defence on their toes. OGL may have different ideas, like playing Diaby, which may take all the sting out our counterattacks, but there you go – since I am in the mood for optimism, despite my better judgment, I will even say that even he is due a good game, surely?

Here is to hoping that Arsene managed to explain to the players that nothing but a roaring response will do. Seriously, as much as I exercise my God’s given right to criticise him and I question his actions a lot, this is out of love for the club (tough love, but love nevertheless) as you always want your loved ones to do well, no matter how much they may piss you off.  This is what supporting is all about afterall, no?

As comrade Watt likes to say, come on you Reds!


  1. first. lol!
    The boys are back!

    hope they show some fight for the rest of the season,even if we don’t win it?

    was happy with Cesc and Nasri and wait for it… Diaby. keeping my fingers crossed For Diaby though, but I’m up for some dissapointment, right?

  2. hehe 😉

    as ptg said, based on his good to shit games ratio, he may as well be heading for early hols!

    but hey, we have won, it’s all that counts, no?

    give me dire 1:0s until the end of the season and ManYoo getting a draw out of the Chav game – yes please!

  3. If we won 1-0, played boring football and won league titles, then the media labelled us ”boring boring Arsenal”. ii could care less.

    Btw, who is that Benard on LG?
    What an idiot?

  4. oh well, some just like to big themselves up, ignore or obliterate 😉

    I couldn’t care less about the ‘boring’ label – rather that than ‘choking’, no?

  5. But hey hey. Remember, Arsene has to change his ways and go on a long unbeaten run, before trust in him

    Your best friend LVG was sacked today. Those Bayern guys are fools; but hey.. big club mentality of not accepting second and third best, remember?

  6. well, LvG was only dumped because he was on the course to miss out on the CL in the Bundesliga which has two top spots that qualify, compared to EPL’s four…

    puts the stuff about the third place trophy into perspective, huh?

  7. OGL would not last in any other big club. ii swear!!!

  8. not with the current approach he wouldn’t!

    as per his own request, I will judge him in May and given that he will be here to infinity and beyond, I will judge him in August as well 😉

    then I just may lift the boycott…

  9. He’s lucky to be here. Am being too negative?

  10. **am ii being** sorry

  11. not necessarily so…

    mind you, he has little or no credit with this Gooner as well!

    but since I can’t change things, I can only voice my opinion 😉

  12. Stan is after getting his hustle on; making his money. We need a ssugardaddy like Usmanov. We will be hardly in debt like some people assume.
    Usmanov could still recoup his invested money. The club will still make maxi profits from merchandizing like we are doing currently

    Ussy will finance this club more than Kroenke, and with the right financial cabinet, would be successful.


  13. yep!

    like I said on LG, watching the battle of the oligarchs and winning would be pretty entertaining 😆

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