Vanitas Vanitatum et Omnia Vanitas. New motto?

April 8, 2011

The above verse is translated as Vanity of vanities and all is vanity. Taking into the consideration that the word ‘vanity’ itself is defined as ‘Lack of usefulness, worth, or effect; worthlessness’ as well as ‘Excessive pride in one’s appearance or accomplishments’, then you could be excused for thinking of this quote attributed to the biblical King Solomon as possibly more fitting slogan for the club at the moment than the all known ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’ that has been with us since 1949.

The latter phrase, meaning ‘Victory comes from harmony’ is a self evident truth. A person or a group of people will never achieve success without striking the right balance, whether it is the correct mindset of an individual or, more interestingly for us, all the cogs in the team’s machinery being well oiled and falling into their place like they should to produce the maximum output. Then again, even the best designed machine may crash and burn if operated by an inept driver, who is either unaware of its abilities and limitations or simply ignores the ominous knocking sounds signalling that he should pause to diagnose the problem before it is too late. Never easy, eh? No one ever said it would be…

Back on the subject of today’s post: unfortunately, there are quite a few people at the club that fall within the scope of one or both definitions of vanity mentioned above – you know who you are! In some cases, it’s the matter of overblown self belief rendering the player ineffective due to him thinking that all he needs to do is to walk out onto the pitch for the opposition to roll over in awe, honoured to spend however long they are allowed to bask in his glory, other are just simply worthless and ineffective by their feeble nature. And while we are at it, let us not think that it’s only the players that are guilty of it, as Our Glorious Leader’s vanity is also something to behold! If you need evidence, look no further than his colossal size images put up all over the place and the pre-recorded helpline messages, which I mentioned in the Sunday’s post. I mean, which manager does that? Sure, we did put Herbert Chapman’s bust in the Marble Halls, but that was after he was gone from the club and don’t even get me started on how much more of an innovator as far as the game as a whole is concerned the latter was. All these rusty cogs and the mad driver form something of a society of mutual adoration as they reassure one another of each other’s greatness so well it’s basically a perpetuum mobile of egos.

But rather than change the traditional motto to reflect the current state of affairs, why don’t we do our best to live up to it? To be fair, I think that all there is to be done is to restore the harmony in the squad and we would be running away with the league! Generally speaking, with a few tweaks, this group of players is more than good enough to win stuff,  make no mistake about that. If there are some that need getting rid and others that need example of the former getting the boot to fall back into their place, so be it, and I am even inclined to believe that these few good apples will also up their game, seeing that the rot has been stopped! Now, I don’t think there is any need to elaborate on that any further, do you?

I guess I will leave the specific personnel issues for another day…

Victoria Concordia Crescit


  1. Morning Suga

    This team is definitely good enough and should be walking away with the league when you consider how poorly the competition have played this season. AW has shown in the past that he’s a great manager. so what is it that has caused this team to play within itself? Where did the fighting spirit disappear to that fuelled the win against Everton and then Barca?

    I don’t think vanity is the problem – maybe some players are pumped up with their own importance but that shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Your pet hate Denilson doesn’t go around saying how good he is does he?

    Who’s stolen their balls is more the question – where’s the testosterone?

  2. good shout peaches 😉

    although you may find that I have included two definitions of ‘vanity’ up there and my ‘pet hate’ definitely falls within the ‘Lack of usefulness, worth, or effect; worthlessness’ category, wouldn’t you say?

    I am just of the opinion that AW has lost it and it’s really painful to watch, think of a beloved grandpa who is going off his rocker…

    edit: IMO, the team as a whole reflects the manager, you see where I’m going with this?

    as for the players pumped up with their own importance, as far as I am concerned, this is one of the main reasons why we continue to fall short – off the top of my head, we have lost 13 points due to the players thinking they have already ‘made it’ (WBA home and away) or won the game after 45 minutes (Spuds)…

  3. Arsene has become a dominant figure in the club. He deals with financial prudence, player transfers, youth scouting via social media, and recently his voice is used at the reception. If he weren’t too myopic, he would have added a garnishing to this team to take it to another level. He has chosen to be stoic. You know I once said we were an endangered species in Europe. Nobody takes us seriously any more. Why? Because we have a manager who is negligent, makes mistakes repetitively, does no value winning at all cost[yes at all cost]. When the team is looking thin, he does not address it. When we need a player and it remains a couple pounds to get him, he starts giving us his constant condescending lectures on financial prudence. In Arsene I have given up hope. Let’s hope the lads rediscover the pride of playing for the Arsenal once aain and see where that could take us. But we need change[ it is fast becoming a cliche]

  4. Santos,

    his press conference today proves that he has completely lost the plot – if the ‘captain’ has that mindset, our ‘ship’ is heading for the rocks, as we are rudderless…

    seriously, unless the players get together and say ‘OK, we need to do it our way as we have the fans to answer to and own reputation to protect’, I am fearing the worst – Spuds have only 9 points to make up, you know…

  5. I fear the worst too. You know the call us the doomers, but we are the clairvoyants…In other not to get annoyed, do not Listen to Arsene or AkBs or read anything Arsene says! That’s a new therapy I have adopted.

  6. the stuff he said feels like treason – I thought the deal wa ‘we support you and you do your best to win stuff’?

    as I said, and the AKBs dare to call us ‘defeatist’?

    really, it’s like falling out of love with the top chick you thought you would get old with – feels like car crash, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, eh?

  7. If the doomers had enough balls, why don’t they start showing signs of ‘Wenger out’. Ajax have tried it,voila,it worked. I also think the fans are to blame for the rot we are facing….

  8. I have brought forward the idea of wearing the white coats to the games – see the previous post!

    could probably do it on purely non-profit basis myself, you know – got a shirt printing place virtually next door to mine 😉

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