Rebel, rebel, rebel! Asylum nurses wanted.

April 6, 2011

Welcome, my fellow dissidents and those who are just curious! In my previous post I touched on the subject of resistance against the financial model perpetrated by the mighty Arsenal by the way of refraining oneself from spending money on whatever the club can offer us in the terms of matchday tickets, merchandise and various media services.  Now, whilst this is certainly a good way of expressing one’s discontent, there are some who are not in position to sacrifice the former – an addiction is a horrible thing and there are people out there who have been the season ticket holders for decades, some even inherited them from their fathers or grandfathers. It is only fair and understandable that both the hopeless addicts and the people who have been attending for as long as they care to remember will not give it up only because of the temporary situation where the once great manager appears to be losing his marbles, repeating the same tired ‘mental strength’ mantra and complaining about playing all games until the season apart from the North London Derby on Sundays. Seriously, you just could not make this up.

So, what are these poor souls to do if they want to contribute to the success of the ‘crawling revolution’ then? There are many ways to show that you are not happy once you are inside the ground. Booing is one, but that is not really something I would condone, as it is simply counterproductive  – as far as I am concerned, the only moments when it’s OK to boo is when the referee is making questionable decisions, the opposition player is feigning injury just to run like a cheetah (or was it a ‘cheatah’?) a minute later or after the final whistle when the players don’t turn up. That’s it. You are not doing the team or anyone else any favours, not to mention that you make yourself look like a bit of a twat, having forked out for the most expensive ticket in the whole Europe and not singing your heart out. Maybe it’s just me thinking that way.

I think it’s safe to say that unless the things get properly bad, the idea of organising a picket-style protest with placards and banners won’t fly either. In my opinion, this kind of stuff smacks of sad trade union style pinko nonsense and I like to think that us Gooners have a bit more class than going over the top like that. I would prefer to reserve this kind of stuff for the darker times, hoping that we will never live to see these.

So, what options does that leave us with? Banners inside the ground? They say there were a few attempts of doing that and the dayglo Gestapo henchmen were there on the spot in minutes asking the people who pay their wages to remove them, mumbling something about health and safety and funnily enough getting quiet when asked to explain why they were not quite so keen to ask the other fans to remove the one that says ‘In Arsene We Trust’. If anyone needs any further evidence of the totalitarian nature of the regime at the club, then I just can’t help them and I am not quite sure if anybody can.

Considering all of the above, I have figured out that the best idea on how to show one’s dissent is to wear something as a sign of protest. A scarf seems to be the obvious option and there is the ‘Where has our Arsenal gone’ website which promotes wearing the black scarves to the games. Whilst I like the idea and I say kudos for the execution, the problem is that black is not particularly visible and as someone pointed out, you can also get the black scarves from the official club store, perhaps in response to this very idea –  I certainly would not put it past them!

Now, some will probably say that all I have done so far is dismiss and criticise, well,  make of what you read thus far what you wish. I have only listed the objective difficulties, but I would not be myself if I did not try to come up with a solution. As I have said at the beginning of this post, it is my belief that Our Glorious Leader is a bit off his rocker, and the lunatics live in constant fear of being taken away by the men in the white coats. Having looked these up on eBay (coats, not lunatics), I am pleased to inform you that you can become the happy owner of one for a mere £12.49 including delivery! For the extra few quid you should be able to add the pre-2002 badge:

The latter will not only ‘Arsenalise’ the plain white coat, but also rub it in a little, as the fans were not the best pleased when the new crest was forced upon them, with the cannon facing the wrong way and the century old motto of the club removed. And you know what the funniest thing about the old crest is? It is ineligible for copyright and that was the sole reason why the new one was introduced. Don’t believe me? Please see the statement issued by the club back then below:

“Principally, as the current crest incorporates many separate elements, which have been introduced over a number of years, there is uncertainty surrounding its exact origination. As a consequence, the Club is unable to copyright this crest.”

I think this idea has it all: visibility, plenty of bang for your buck and quite a bit of comedy value, with the additional punch of using the club’s crest that makes the statement in itself and for using of which no one can bring you to book, you can hardly ask for more – over to you!


  1. A nice blog. Goodluck!

  2. thank you Santos, hope to see you here more often 😉

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