Every million is made of pennies. A lesson in capitalism.

April 4, 2011

Since the current club’s policies and actions resemble the way the things were run in the Eastern Bloc countries quite a bit and the AW’s position at the club reminds me of the ultimate totalitarian power held by the revered communist party first secretary supported by the faithful apparatchiks, the above picture might as well feature the faces of Our Glorious Leader and a few other equally glorious members of the club’s top brass as well as the select few members of the board. And believe me, I know what I am talking about, having been born and raised in one of these countries, maybe not in the system’s pomp, but I have seen, heard, read and learned more than enough to draw the parallels.

Cult of the Individual which would make the Soviet political officers blush? Check. Wage structure which is leftie’s wet dream? Check. Little or no accountability for failure? Check. Shameless, mindless, unmerited propaganda of success peddled by the club related media as well as the pretorian bloggers? Check. And let’s not forget about forcing the dissidents like David Dein or Lady Nina into the exile, shall we? All this is supposed to make an impression of a monolith and there are that special breed of supporters with the Homo Sovieticus mentality that buy into that and would not change it for anything in the world. The problem that lies behind the above is that it must go tits up at one point and there is no way around this – as much as it all looks great on the paper, it simply contradicts the human nature and as such is not sustainable. In practice, all variations of leftie systems have one significant flaw: the ceiling is just high enough to stand up more or less straight, but the most brilliant and ambitious individuals are better off somewhere else, that’s why you see the top players getting increasingly frustrated and moving on to the football’s equivalents of the ‘decadent West’, which may not be able to dazzle you with the ideals and the beautiful theory, but are not doing half bad in practice. You don’t hear these ‘Western’ clubs moaning about injuries, defensive tactics, crap pitches and referees a lot, do you? Stefan Kisielewski, one of the better known and somewhat tolerated free thinking publicists in the communist Poland once said that socialism is renowned for heroically struggling against the difficulties that are hardly heard of in any other political system and also coined the famous ‘It’s not a crisis, it’s a result’ with regards to collapsing communist economy – it’s funny how fitting both of these are in our situation.

Back in 1989 when the Iron Curtain started to creak and eventually crumbled, I was 11 years old and I remember putting up the first free election posters for various ‘Solidarity’ candidates all over the place, it was all spontaneous and despite being a kid I was pretty damn proud of it and I felt like being a part of something historically important. Sure, there were people who did much more, maybe even risked their lives prior to that, but hey, I did what I could. Since it is in my nature to be a bit of a dissident, I am going to try and do my bit to poke the Central Committee where it hurts – their pockets! Now, some of you will say that it is counterproductive and all that, but since Our Glorious Leader seems to think that it is his sole prerogative to decide whether to use the resources at his disposal in order to address the glaring deficiencies of the team or not, no matter what the consequences, I believe that it is for me to decide whether I will support the economical model I fundamentally disagree with or cease doing so.

Now let me explain: living reasonably close to London, I normally go to a few games per season, not that I am much of a regular, but hardly anyone bar the season ticket holders is at these prices. In addition to that, I usually buy the replica kit, plus a couple of other pieces of clothing or other club merchandise. I am also struggling to recall a birthday or Christmas when I didn’t get a single thing with a cannon on it, given that my friends and family know about my affection for the club, but all it takes is a few conversations to make it stop. I am also the ATVO subscriber, but ever since they stopped showing reserve team games (I wrote about it over a year ago here) and even the Friday Night Live was reduced to this Free Fans’ Forum load of bollocks we see weekly, I just don’t feel like I am getting my money’s worth, but I just could not bring myself to cancelling it, as I felt like it would be almost an act of treason.

All that adds up to a cool few hundred quid to a grand annually – whilst I do appreciate that it may only pay for a few hours of D******n’s time during which he is fucking useless, I don’t even want to fund that. And I do solemnly swear that until we see some considerable shift in the policy, the club will not see a farthing from me and if you want changes, I suggest you do the same. You want something cool with the cannon on it? Why don’t you check out the Toffs and Goonershirts websites, you may well find something for yourself and stick two fingers up to the dictator and his bunch, you never know, they might start listening. Failing that, at least you will no longer feel mugged off by the smart arses on the management team whose only idea of increasing the revenue is the ticket price hike.

I have checked the ATVO’s Frequently Asked Questions section to see what the cancellation procedure is, and they want me to email them, providing my login details, name and reason for cancellation. Should I send them a link to this post, or will the ‘none of your goddamn business’ be sufficient? What do you think?


  1. well said Suga.

    Leftist idealism was only really supposed to be a counterargument to the right. Not a system of practice in itself.

    It completely flies against the fundamental nature of the selfish gene – to kill or be killed is the fundamental paradigm in life, ergo war, ergo football.

    Footballers aren’t graduates of philosophy, they understand natural selection because its a trait of physicality, altruism is a state of psychology and belongs in the political arena not on physical the field of war.

    Essentially if you intertwine the two and you have chaos, ergo arsenal.

  2. Lurch, I am of the opinion that if the communism was the first thing invented by our hairy ancestors, we would still be sitting on the trees…

  3. Great post Suga send them a link to the post and many other of the same kin.

  4. Loved how you worked the Communist comparison into your argument. It’s perfectly crystal. Even the old cultural revolutionist himself, Chairman Mao, would have been proud. And here’s a “danger, Will Robinson” if I ever saw one: couple this with a boffin’s economics degree and access to piles of cash, freedom to use it how they see fit, and we get Chairman Mao times two.

    Nothing like a bit of Creative Destruction needed now to turn this all on its head. It’s plainly Arsenal’s only hope of progress.

  5. we seem to be in the need of a shake-up of revolutionary proportions, heads have to roll, no two ways about that, gentlemen 😉

    as Lurch said on LG y’day, the funniest thing about it all is that it appears that the man from the former Soviet Union is the biggest capitalist and an answer to all our headaches…

    thank you for reading, more to follow, maybe not daily, but shortly!

  6. Always a Pleasure

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