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In two minds.

November 25, 2010

Now, I think everyone will agree this was not the response from the team we have been looking for, eh?

I have deliberately refrained myself from writing the post last night, as I thought to myself that it would be counterproductive to act upon emotions and that I could say something I could regret later. Trust me, my big mouth got me into various degrees of trouble more than once in my life!

But guess what? I am still fuming after the naive and gutless display I had the displeasure of watching on Tuesday – once again, it just showed that this team still has no clue whatsoever and I don’t even want to go anywhere near the subject of dedication, pride and playing for the shirt: I have read about Frank McLintock bursting into the box at the E******s to give some Spud bookie a piece of his mind and probably a little bit on top of that for his overzealous celebrations on Saturday. No matter what you think of this kind of behaviour, this came straight from the heart of a true legend and perhaps the ‘best team’ Our Glorious Leader has ever assembled should take a leaf out of his book and at least show some hurt pride by giving the pretty average Braga a good tonking.

The first half was one of the most boring 45 minutes of football I have seen for a long time, I thought to myself ‘here we go again’. The fake Arsenal created more chances, without really troubling Fabianski, but their keeper might as well have gone home and they would still have won the game, as we have managed a precious one attempt on target throughout the 90+ minutes. That being said, I would take 0:0, as there are the days when you just can’t do zilch – this is when you admit it, shut the shop and play tidy game to get a draw, simple as that. This would see us qualify to the next round and we could rest players for the Partizan game. Now it is mathematically possible for us not to qualify to the next round, and if my memory serves me right (which it does), the last time we failed to go past the group stage was when we were drawn in an ‘easy’ group. Quite frankly, we need a high pressure game involving the first teamers just five days before playing ManYoo like a hole in the head – good job, Arsene, fielding an understrength team against Shakhtar does not seem like such a good idea now, does it?

You could excuse athletes for having difficulties learning from their mistakes, as most of them are pretty thick, but it is the manager’s job to find a way of drilling stuff into them and making tough decisions when there are no effects – it just seems to me that the players are lacking as far as the bread and butter stuff is concerned and failure has been tolerated for far too long for them to give a monkey’s. The mindset of the team is seems to be rotten to the core and the manager needs to act in the manner required to create impression that the heads will roll if it does not improve. I once wrote that it’s about time to replace the carrot with the stick and whack the shit out of the donkey, or it will just get fatter and won’t move an inch forward. As I said in my last post, if you get too much too soon, your attitude may leave a lot to be desired and the only way to eradicate that is to learn the hard way.

Anyway, we play another toughish game this weekend and AW faces Herculean task to lift the team – it’s almost as hard as it is  for quite a large section of the club’s fanbase to get to look forward to it. Being a loyal supporter, I will definitely try very hard: they are my team and I will try to lift myself to go all ‘Come on you rip roaring reds!’ on Saturday…

Thank you for reading!