Porto preview – time to slay them dragons for good ;)

March 9, 2010

A very short post today – since the brilliant victory on Saturday, I didn’t get too much time to spare, due to our friend visiting us, getting drunk on Saturday evening, making a short trip to Broadstairs for the first seaside fish & chips of the season on Sunday and doing some less exciting stuff last night.

As we all know, the Fair Knights of North London haven’t managed a glorious victory at the dragons’ lair, hence we will have to do it the hard way with the ugly beasts coming to our castle all fired up and thinking we are here for the taking. Make no mistake: stakes are high and we will have to be at our brilliant best to get past them. The main thing is not to concede an early goal, stupid or not, as we may find it hard to score two or more if they will try to make it difficult for us. If we score early, we may be in for a treat if they choose to go all out attacking and open themselves up.

It is a bit late for writing a longer piece and elaborating on our team options. As far as I am concerned, we are more than capable to get the right result against them as long as whoever we have available is played to his strengths and walks out with the right attitude.

I am off to cook something tasty and fill my fridge with lager – it’s all about the right preparation, no?

Come on you rip roaring Gunners!!!


  1. Well, we got the right result and with stuff to spare. Very promising. Hope this is a major step in building the momentum we will need for the remaining matches.

    Don’t know if you saw this…


    Cheers Ray

  2. Ray,

    I am over the moon about the result!

    if you haven’t seen it already, check this out:

  3. Nice link. He certainly looks to be the real thing. I hope we can get by without further goal-keeping debacles until he comes of age.

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