Valentine’s Day guff.

February 14, 2010

Morning all. I did not feel so hot yesterday after washing down the lager with Sambucca on Friday night, so I thought I’d give it a rest. Not that there was much to write about: I could obviously rant about being deprived of football on the weekend after we threw the FA Cup, but frankly there was no point crying over spilt milk and given our injury situation, we needed the game at the council house just before the trip to Porto like a hole in the head. Stoke went to Eastlands, earned a well deserved draw and a replay probably just ahead of February 27th when we play them at Britannia. This may give us a bit of advantage as far as our ‘perfect run’ targeted by the likes of Arshavin is concerned: recently, we went there twice and lost twice, so we may need something special to avoid The Potters being labelled our ‘bogey team’ the way Bolton under Fat Sam were.

Speaking of The Trotters: today they play our not-so-glorious neighbours in the cup and I am looking forward to seeing Jackie Boy weave his magic the way he did against City recently – it’s yet another ‘surplus’ Arsenal player earning plaudits from the manager and fans of the lucky club, here’s to hoping that he will make some of them Spuds look silly today!

With not a lot ot write about, hacks continue with all this ‘Cesc to Barca’ stories despite all the parties firmly denying it – call me cynical, but I reckon this time there is no smoke without fire and if we fail to get our hands on one of two remaining trophies and/or address some of our squad’s deficiencies, he will be seriously considering his options in the summer. Rumour has it that he is refusing to sign the improved deal – my money is on his signing when he sees some transfer activity, bearing in mind how RvP was promised additions that never materialised last year. Losing Cesc would be a massive blow, dare I say bigger than losing Henry, simply because of their respective age and fitness at the moment of leaving Arsenal. Another player with uncertain future is Billy G. – PHW said there was no request for ‘special dispensation’ from OGL as far as breaking the dreaded ‘one year policy’ is concerned, I reckon it should be given, hell, even ordered without asking for it: Gallas is one of the few players of real quality in our squad and he has proven to have massive impact, being a born winner and bringing lots of experience to the table. Two year deal would also make a bit more sense even if he was to leave next summer, as he would not leave on a free. Please Arsene, don’t go all Bobby on Billy…

Just to conclude, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Show your love!

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