February 12, 2010

With the pressure off and no football to discuss in sight, traffic on blogs ground to a halt: after couple of months when we played a game every three to four days, making us wait for the next game the whole week seems to be a bit cruel if you ask me. This weekend, the league stops to accommodate FA Cup and Champions League  games – we travel to Portugal next Wednesday in the latter competition and it should be a hell of a game: in the hindsight, dropping out of the FA Cup looks like a blessing for allowing the players some rest before that, as our CL opponents will play a league game tomorrow. Yes, it’s only their league’s whipping boys, Leixões, but it is a game of football nevertheless and will hopefully leave their players a tiny bit less fit and rested ahead of the crucial first game of the knockout phase. As per usual, it’s a double edged sword: our next league opponents are coming to THOF on the back of eleven (yes, eleven, imagine that) days of rest since their trip to Pompey.

What do you call a forced break like this? Arseblog once coined the famous ‘interlull’ in respect of the intermissions caused by some irrelevant international games. Hmmm, none of these to be played, it’s the FA Cup this time. Cup-o-lull? Cuppa break? I’ll get my coat…

I guess this will be me done for today – I am changing jobs next week, today is one of the two days for me to do some boring stuff like servicing my car and the like. There is also a small matter of leaving do tonight…

Thank you for reading and have a nice day Gooners – off to save the world!

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