Pride is at stake. No pressure then, boys.

February 10, 2010

The time whizzes by and we have now finally reached the last turn in the make or break period of the current season. It has to be said, we did not exactly cover ourselves in glory – dropping out of two competitions in the space of two weeks is not a record that counts for much as far as bragging rights are concerned: I strongly believe that every fan needs a reason to say that his team is the best on the planet without sounding stupid and/or delusional. This is what this football is all about in the end, is it not?

It will be interesting to see what set of players will get a runout from the start. Will he drop Clichy after two woeful performances in a row? Will he start with some presence and end this square peg round hole thing upfront? I watched the highlights of the Chelsea game yesterday and I have to say that  AA looked much more effective when moved from the central position to the left with Bendtner taking the spot in the middle. Putting our diminutive Russian in the middle against the towering centre backs was never a good idea, and it was exposed in the last few games. You can’t really succeed against top teams with no width and physicality up top, can you? Time for our ‘new signing’ that prevented us from buying a striker last month to start the game and make some impact. If he is not fit enough to start, then it begs question why was he made to look like he was supposed to be The One by OGL? Don’t get me wrong, I want NB to help Le Boss dig us out of the hole we are in by scoring plenty of goals, but it’s not like he can do it from the bench or during 15 minute cameos he is being allowed these days, is it?

I don’t even want to think what happens if we get anything less than 3 points out of this: winning this game should put some daylight between us and the chasing pack of Liverpool, City and Spuds. If we get anything less, our ‘easy’ run in some have been referring to earlier in the season will instantly become a lot less ‘easy’ with two potential six pointers against the latter two.

Since we are out of the title race, the only thing really at stake is pride: some will say it’s more, as we need to stay in the top three to avoid tricky CL qualifiers shortly after the World Cup, but as far as I am concerned, we can worry about that later – today, I want the players to show me that they are playing for the shirt and for the fans, simple as. If we lose this, the knives will be out – someone has rightly pointed out that the general consensus amongst us Gooners was that Rafa should have been sacked by the Yanks after the woeful run of results, but if you care to look at the table, he only lost one game more than us. Puts things into a bit of perspective, eh? Again, don’t get me wrong: I don’t want our manager sacked, far from it, it’s just a reminder where the ‘funny’ bit in the ‘funny old game’ is coming from.

As we approach the last stand in the quadrilogy, I hope for the happy ending to at least have this tiny consolation of the good old ‘all is well that ends well’. Give us a reason to sing ‘We pay your benefits’ one more time!

Come on you Gunners!


  1. Yea come on u gunners!! Nice long post

  2. come on!

    I don’t like this Pompey thing one bit…

  3. Hey Suga, i didn’t know you had your own blog. well done spread the word

  4. thank you 😉

  5. Hi SUGA3 very good post – it has to change sometime doesn’t it? I can’t imagine the current unrest amongst supporters will make Arsene do anything any differently so expect Clichy to start and other poor performers to keep their places too.

    Hope that Nikki starts but who knows – not long now. Its snowing a blizzard in my part of North London about 10 miles from the Emirates – off to find the thermals.

    Come and see us soon

  6. thanks, peaches 😉

    Lil’ Nikk starts, it’s a good team, COME ON ❗

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