Three down, one to go.

February 9, 2010

Good morning everyone. I am not going to dissect the Sunday’s failure a lot, this has been done all over the cyberspace. To conclude it all, we have been better than against United, but not quite good enough – good performance but a bit toothless if you ask me. I don’t have too many complaints about the players, the lion share of blame lies with Our Glorious Leader.

A lot of harsh words has been said. And quite rightly so: once again, we have been exposed for being naive and undone by two individual errors – Gael, I love you, but at the moment you’re a liability: you seem to be fit physically, but there must be something wrong inside your head which makes you leave us vulnerable on your side. It’s back to basics for you, I’m afraid. Quite frankly, I just don’t know which of the two left backs at our disposal edges it at the moment – making a selection in this position seems to have been reduced to choosing lesser of the two evils and looking at Cashley keeping Theo in his pocket throughout the evening made my blood boil. How much was that again? Five grand a week? I know that the fact of Gael just coming back from injury didn’t help, but still…

Apart from the costly individual errors, we looked OK, but ‘OK’ is not enough to beat this lot – sadly, they never had to get out of the second gear after going two up. In the game preview, I wrote that we needed all the power and presence we could muster – AW did well to have fielded everyone’s midfield of choice. I reckon this was what kept the scoreline respectable, as their midfield was more or less dominated. Then again, they were happy to sit back and defend, so it’s hard to gauge, really. Since we are fielding our strongest midfield and defence, why shoot ourselves in the foot by selecting Nasri, Theo and AA to play in the front three? Please tell me Arsene, what were you thinking? If Bendy is fit to play, he should have started, so should Rosicky instead of  Nasri and Walcott. Once again, the subs were introduced too late with the game already lost – introduction of Bendtner changed our game up top completely but why not ring changes right from the off in the second half? Some say it’s bad for the players mentality, but maybe there has been enough of the cotton wooling and now is the time for some to be brutally honestly told that they will need to do a lot better?

After our Stamford Bridge capitulation,  we are in the title race only mathematically. Being 9 points behind the first placed Chelsea with 13 games left to play,  I just somehow don’t see us winning all the remaining games with the two teams above us losing at least 9 and 7 points respectively, simple as. I have set the minimum target of seven points from four games, so far we have got one point from three, scored one goal and conceded five, no wonder Liverpool players are licking their lips ahead of tomorrow’s clash – I will be back tomorrow with the preview…

Thank you for reading, have a nice day Gooners!


  1. Read your post everyday, just too disappointed with the results, team-display and as you point out even the team-selection to comment too much.

    I hope we snap out of it and start putting some decent displays and results together. There’s not too much daylight between us and the rest of the pack chasing a CL spot.

  2. spot on, Ray – and Shitty have 2 games in hand…

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