Chelsea preview.

February 7, 2010

It has to be said: our endeavours in the make or break stage of the season have not exactly gone in accordance with the plan so far, however, it is still mathematically possible to gather the minimum of seven points required to be still seriously in it. Anything less than that and lifting the Barclays Premier League winners cup will be nothing short of a miracle and we didn’t make it any easier for ourselves by drawing against Villa and getting humiliated by the old foes from Manchester either.

I tried to think of some sort of big, flashy headline, but eventually decided against it – no fancy stuff today, Ladies & Gentlemen and this is exactly what I’m expecting from Le Boss and the good guys in red: simple, efficient, ‘just the job’ kind of approach. I want to see commitment without the naivety. I want to see a disciplined side where everyone knows his place and sticks to the game plan – if there ever was a moment to show that we are capable  of clockwork-like performance, this is it. Make no mistake: our opponents are renowned for these ‘boring’ qualities and we will need to match it if we are to think of getting a draw, let alone a win.

Moving on to the team selection: here’s to hoping that we will see some physical presence on our side, as it will be extremely difficult to get anything out of this game otherwise. If Wenger continues playing our shortest player in the central position against Terry and Alex, the game is as good as lost.  Our brilliant Russian got a lot of stick from some clueless supporters for being ‘inefficient’ in the Manure game, despite giving his all, playing with an injury and out of position. I really feel for him, as he is one of the bright points of this team and no one can fault him for applying himself and trying to make things happen. AW said that the criticism levied upon AA was unfair and it was him who was to blame for the loss –  at least we agree on something Arsene, that’s a start. Now please keep it simple and since you have once again been exposed for being the tightwad you are, try playing the best players you have at your disposal to their strengths – if Bendy is fit to start, don’t overcomplicate things by playing him on the right, there will be other games where he will get the opportunities to get to understand how things work over there. Front line of Bendtner with Arshavin and Rosicky on either side and interchanging would make me reasonably happy, all things considered.

In the midfield, Diaby is set to face late fitness test and I am keeping my fingers crossed as the prospect of the dead cert alternative starting next to Cesc and Song fills me with a mixture of dread and anger – if the Great Lego Haired One starts, he will be targeted by their players right from the off and I wouldn’t bet a dime on us coming out on top if this is the case. I am all for giving people another chance, but repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is the very essence of insanity. We simply need all the power and pace we can muster against this lot and the idea of fielding a slow and lightweight player in this fixture is a non starter. If Diaby has to play through the pain barrier, so be it. Arshavin doesn’t seem to mind.

I would not expect too many surprises as far as the back four is concerned. There has been some discussions about pairing Sol & Billy in CB positions and putting Verminator at the left back. Quite frankly, I cannot see that happening, as TV himself said that he did not like playing there and was quite surprised that we still came calling after the woeful performances he managed. Plus, I am all for giving Gael another chance – yes, he made a few errors (and was one of my P45s), but at least he always gives 100% and I would like him to be given an opportunity to boost his confidence. On the other side, Eboue may get a nod ahead of Bac, who is carrying a shoulder injury and could do with some rest. No prizes for guessing who will start between the sticks, and to be brutally honest, Almunia is still the best option of the three – sad state of affairs, really. Why was Szczesny loaned out to Brentford is beyond me: I know he is only 19, but as Kevin Whitcher once pointed out, so was Casillas when he started his Real career proper.

As I wrote two days ago, I want to be proven wrong – all I want is a result, which will ram the doubting words down my throat. I am not going into this bricking myself, as I simply don’t expect a thing. With this approach, you are only in for nice kind of ‘disappointments’ and I reckon this is the best way to see it, if you value your physical and mental health.

COYRRNATG!!! I mean it! 😉


  1. That Chesney loan extension surprised me as well. No it disappointed me actually.

    He’s 19 and about 6’5. Its not like he’s 15 or something.

    Will someone please tell Coco that we already have all the evidence we need of his ‘unique inability’ and that he can stop the pre-rehearsed fuck ups now !!!

  2. watch these saves – he’d have kept out both today’s goals IMO…

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