Stop. Pause. Chill.

February 4, 2010

With not a lot to write about, I thought I’ll give it a rest today. Further ranting and stating the obvious is futile in our situation. I think it’s time to give them Boys In Red and Our Glorious Leader a breather and a benefit of the doubt. Our new wonderkid defender (well, due to sign a pre-contract agreement today), Stefan Savic, said in his interview that AW did not look too happy during the training session he had an opportunity to attend. Can’t blame the big fella, really – the post match interview was the first when he tore into players and offered no excuses whatsoever.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I will try to find some positives and gee us all up ahead of the Episode III. I know it’s a bit of going ahead of ourselves, but it will take a few days 😉


  1. The rip into players was designed to wake them up. Players know they played like crap. Now it is time to take out the frustration on Chelsea and kick the Blues back into blues brothers land. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. so true 😉

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