Trophies. It’s all about trophies.

February 3, 2010

It’s just a stupid sports commercial. Or is it? Amongst the boasts and wishful thinking of others, Captain Fantastic tells us what we are in it for. Trophies. In case some of you forgot, it’s something that is being handed to the individual or team that goes right to the top, vanquishes whatever stands in the way and keeps the composure when it matters the most. Whenever a team does it, the fans go mental and that gives players the positive buzz as well. Winning stuff breeds winners, not winning squat and being also rans doesn’t. Yes, it’s that simple: it creates something called ‘winning culture’, where only 100% commitment is enough and failure is not tolerated.

Our Glorious Leader, after not delivering any silverware for a good few years still has the cheek to prioritise the trophies he wants to win – Carling Cup is for kids and FA Cup is just a nuisance. It seems like – once again – AW has his eyes firmly set on the Champions League and the Prem. Now don’t get me wrong: it’s really commendable to have ambition and aim high. Then again, is it realistic? The table doesn’t lie: we are 6 point off the top, we play leaders next and the show our boys managed on Sunday doesn’t exactly inspire confidence ahead of the short trip to Stamford Bridge, if you take their proud home record into consideration. However, now that we seem down and out with no one giving us a chance in hell, we may go there and win. Barring some ridiculously lucky draw, I wouldn’t count my chickens as far as putting our hands on the Ol’ Big Ears is concerned either. Not to mention that our next opponents may have other ideas too: Porto smashed Sporting 5:2 yesterday, just to let you know.

Carling Cup is referred to by some as ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’, ‘Milk Cup’, ‘Worthless Cup’ and the like. Try telling that to fans who belted out ‘We’re going to Wemberly’ after beating their respective opponents in the semis. Sticking to your principles is all fine and dandy, but how is letting our young  players getting spanked by Man City in the quarters beneficial to them in any way, shape or form? Sure, it should teach them humility and give them a benchmark to aim at, but it is also dangerous for their mentality: being played off the park and losing 3:0 is not good, no matter what sort of excuses you can come up with. Plus, if you effectively throw the game in the quarters, it doesn’t do the senior squad any good either as far as their belief in the manager and the like is concerned.

As for the other cup we have deliberately dropped out of, I think I have said enough in the post I wrote the other day. What needs to be pointed out is that our most prized asset and skipper asked AW to play in that fixture, clearly being the one who wanted to win it more than Arsene. ‘It’s all about trophies’, he says in the above commercial and you could be excused for thinking that he may start considering his options if we finish this season empty handed. Fighting for the Champions League existence in order to balance the books doesn’t sound too exciting when you are an exceptional young footballer with more realistic chance of winning stuff someplace else, it’s the pensioner’s job. Given that Cesc publicly voiced his opinion that reinforcements were absolutely necessary in order to compete (some will say it’s a poor attitude to have, I will say it’s honest), our manager’s lack of activity in the transfer market is baffling.

I am not a doom monger, just a very, very angry fan. Some will say it is not our divine right to demand trophies and I concur: it’s not, but demanding ambition, dedication and giving them all a damn good go certainly is…

Thank you for reading!


  1. In the two months since you created your blog there’s been a discrepancy between the tone of your articles and our situation in the league. We’re one win away from being back in the title chase and still not much support or encouragements in your writings, it’s mostly negative stuff.

    It’s sad to see you in this state of mind because despite injuries and the occasional let-down from some players, it’s a pretty exciting season so far, very different from what was predicted by the doomers in the summer.

    RVP will come back for the final stages of the season, Song and Diaby have finally reached maturity, Cesc is having his best year so far. We have yet to hit our peak and it’s far from over as the spineless, gutless defeatist-in-chief from Le Groan would have you believe. Chin up!

  2. Matt,

    this ‘one win’ happens to be one to be achieved at SB – best home record in Europe…

    I’m just being realistic here: while we can score bazillions of goals from anywhere against Boltons and Blackburns of this world, we have been ridiculously found out against quality opposition – the shortcomings of this squad have been glaringly obvious, since we have lost RvP and not replaced Ade, our attacking options are laughable: Bendtner (hot & cold), Eduardo (permacrock), Theo (please), Vela (ditto) and one gem in the shape of AA – can you see them going anywhere far in CL?

    sure, it’s spectacular that we are where we are, but if we lose too many points (i.e. lose to Chavs and, god forbid, Pool), then City, even Spuds will be too close for comfort…

  3. RVP is back in a month and a half, Bendtner scored 15 goals last season at a ratio of 0.5 goals/game, not bad for a first season of a 20 yo. Theo and Vela are only 20, they can only improve with time.

    Interesting that you single out Arshavin who has played almost every game this season, half of them as a striker and with only 7 goals to his tally which is as many as RVP in twice as many games and only one more than Vermaelen who I’m sure you will agree contributes infinitely more than Arshavin in defensive duties and 2 more than Diaby who played less than half as many games. I think he failed short of what we can expect from the highest-paid player at Arsenal and more worryingly is on a mediocre run of form with atrocious decision-making in the last few games. Let’s hope he can shake this bad spell off and get back to his best on Sunday.

    We lost at home against Chelski and United while we won away at Liverpool and dominated United at OT.

    And we’ve done much better than any other team against smaller teams which is what landed United the title in the last 2 seasons.

    Yes if we lose points, we will lose. And if we win points we may win the title.

    Now is the time to get behind the team.

  4. Not mentioning that we have a much better run of games until the end than Chelski or United.

    Chin up!


  5. I admire your optimism (and that’s without a hint of sarcasm) 😉

    we shall see…

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