February 1, 2010

No post today, Ladies & Gentlemen – too gutted to write, really…

I felt physically sick after watching THAT, simply because unlike half of these muppets who disgraced the Arsenal shirt, I care about my club. Again, only a few members of our team looked like they gave a shit. I will hand out the praises and P45s tomorrow, stay tuned…

As for you, Mr Wenger – any serious club would give you time until the end of this season to sort this out or leave.


  1. Hi Suga!

    If we finish empty handed once again, do You belive Cesc and Andrzej will go?
    What will happen? Will the Club be sold in the summer?
    What about Arsenal supporters. Do they lose his patience with Arsene?

    P.S. Mam nadzieję, że już dochodzisz do siebie.:-)
    I was sure we will lose, however I didn’t expect another s**t game.
    relax, Arsene knows! Take care!

  2. You look serously pis**d off. mate.I’m scared.

  3. I don’t want to think that far ahead 😉

    but surely, will touch it this week, I guess…

    finishing tomorrow’s post: this won’t be pretty 👿

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