I’ll be back, said The Verminator.

January 29, 2010

First and foremost, I think most of the Gooners welcomed the news that our No.5’s fibula is in one piece . Actually, scratch that, make it every AFC fan in the galaxy! According to the official website, he ‘may’ miss ManYoo game, which is not necessarily equal to ‘will’, so let’s all hope it’s just a little bit of mind games ahead of the English version of El Classico. Kudos to these brilliant Skynet guys for patching him up in no time at all. Our ‘guests’ on the other hand will definitely come to THOF without Rio Ferdinand who has been banned by the FA for deliberately elbowing Craig Fagan during their recent game. Charges were violent conduct and lodging ‘frivolous’ appeal against the original decision. The ban itself has been extended to four games and our forwards should benefit from their back line missing his towering presence. You have to laugh at SAF though: ‘If he gets a fair hearing Rio has a good chance’ – Sir, people get arrested and convicted for doing similar things outside a local pub, you should know better than that 😉

With many players returning from injuries as well as both of our Africans back home already, I will be surprised if we will make any moves in the transfer window, which is inevitably drawing to a close. Both ‘camps’ of Arsenal supporters exchanged opinions on this and the discussions did get quite heated a couple of times, sometimes bordering on ugly or even crossing this line. I for one, as much as I think we could and should sign a player or two, will just sit back and observe, without any expectations and suggest you do the same: there is just no point in going mental over something you can’t influence in any way, shape or form. On top of that, when one doesn’t expect, it’s only the nice surprises that wait around the corner, as whatever else happens is foreseen and anticipated. Some will call it pessimism, others will say it’s nothing more than being realistic. Someone once said that a pessimist is an optimist with experience and I will just leave it at that.

Mind you, we have a knack for signing players on the deadline day recently and if you look back as far as our ‘nearly season’ of 07/08, then you should remember signing Lassana Diarra out of the blue (pardon the pun). Can anybody honestly say that it didn’t come as a surprise when it was announced on the club’s website? ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ was the common reaction amongst our ranks and if you were not surprised, then you must be either Wenger or Mourinho…

Silly season’s countdown clock is showing ‘3’ today and here’s to hoping that Uncle Festa and his chums are getting busy behind the scenes, working on signing someone to simply improve the balance of probabilities of winning the title or at least giving our rivals a mighty scare and a taste of things to come by taking the title race right down to the wire. I don’t want this to be misunderstood as spouting of  ‘the next season is our season’ rubbish already, as I think this one should be ours. However, if we don’t win this, I will be content with giving it a damn good go without collapsing and having nothing to play for all too early like it was the case last season.

Thank you for reading – tomorrow will be the last day of this ‘will he, won’t he’ guessing time, as it’s unlikely that we will be doing much but ‘talking all that jazz’ of the encounter with the old arch-rival on Sunday. Can’t wait 😀


  1. Top post Suga3.

  2. cheers 😀

    still waiting for NewsNow to include me…

  3. Big up suga3’s blog

  4. welcome, B.B.K. 😉

  5. Looks like a new signing!

  6. the fella from the picture?

    that’s some ‘brick shit house’, innit?

  7. lol Scary stuff

  8. 👿

  9. nice one suga just thought id show some love to your blog,nice write up

  10. thank you…

    working on tomorrow’s post at the moment – come again 😉

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