Fergie set to get his revenge for Rambo failure.

January 27, 2010

Another one bites the dust then, eh? Seems like we have been beaten to Chris Smalling’s signature by our arch-enemy from the Old Toilet. Now consider this: ManYoo are supposed to be on the verge of bankruptcy and we are said to be sitting on the piles of cash doing little more than just gathering dust, yet we couldn’t come up with something to match or better whatever SAF could offer. I ask, what does it tell you? For me, it’s either just another case of a great mis-match between AW’s valuation and the market reality or sticking to the principles at all costs – according to some, Smalling is supposed to be an Arsenal fan like you and me, and it must have taken something special from them or something especially insulting from us to turn his head away from opportunity to join us and choose Manure instead. Interestingly, Roy Hodgson said in the interview after yesterday’s game that no bid from Arsenal was received – begs question why Arsene was looking so smug when asked about Smalling during one of the recent press conferences? Someone is talking shit here…

No matter what you think, playing football is a job like any other and you have to consider your options, taking into the account all monetary and non-monetary factors. Sure, one can consider taking pay-cut or a SLIGHTLY less attractive deal to join his boyhood club, but on the other hand he needs to take into the account the fact that footballer’s career is short and can be cut even shorter any second – not everyone may be lucky enough to survive an encounter with one of Martin Taylors of this world, right? As much as some – myself included – were infuriated with our favourite Togolese’s comments about planning the retirement, he had a bit of a point: hardly anyone is going to sucker himself playing for less if he can earn considerably more, simple as.

I have just watched Arsene’s press conference: when asked about Smalling, he said that they must have offered more money and chuckled – someone please enlighten me, what’s so funny? I would like to have a laugh too, but the categorical statement about not being after a striker ‘at the moment’ as well as the other one about how he already forgot about Stoke game (not that I want to remember that either, mind you) somehow did not leave me in stitches. It’s the latter that left me particularly unimpressed: try telling this to the poor mugs who made the trip ‘oop norf’ and sang their hearts out. He also said that we did not lack experience back there – I mean, is he for real?

OK, enough of this ranting, some may think I’m some sort of mentalist. 😆 There are some good news too: Nasri is back in training, despite the fact that timescale for his return was initially pencilled for 21 days, as was Ramsey’s who already got a runout against Stoke. With Song managing to avoid getting shot in Africa and on his way back as well as Bendtner being set to travel to Villa Park it will be a bit more difficult to predict the starting lineups and substitutions. Not to mention that the pirates’ darling is coming home as well after Ivory Coast crashed out of the ACN – unfortunately, this means that every Arsenal fan’s not-so-favourite Ivorian will be available for selection for our most dangerous rivals too. I would rather have him knackered after going all the way in the competition than retuned and raring to go on the next Sunday. Oh well.

Thank you for reading, I will be back tomorrow with my views on the first episode of ‘get rich or die trying’ quadrilogy, screening of which commences today – I didn’t feel like writing a preview somewhat, it should be enough to say that nothing but three points will do for me. And oh, someone please explain Smalling what a huge mistake he’s making…  😉

Come on Arsenal!


  1. Avenell Road is another expat Grovers blog, so you may want to stick them in your Arsenal Blogs.

  2. consider it done 😉

    oh wait – they have just ‘ceased trading’ 😦

  3. Smalling is past 20, has played 2 games for Fulham in a year and a half but now Ferguson will pay more for him than we spent for Vermaelen. Looks like Arsene never was interested (or not too much) and managed to make Ferguson double his initial offer. I for one was surprised Arsene did not have a roaring laugh instead of a chuckle

  4. I guess we could do well with him, now that TV is injured 😦

    Arsene made it very difficult for himself, given that there are just 3 days left to go…

    besides, if SAF paid good money for him, there is a distinct possiblity that he is a good player, not to mention that English players are ridiculously overpriced…

    • Huh? You’re aware that in any case he will stay at Fulham until the summer, right? And with 2 premiership games under his belt how much more help could he have been than Kyle Bartley or Tom Cruise?

      As for Ferguson’s interest being a proof of a player’quality, I think Berbatov and Anderson are not really proving the point (although it’s too early for Anderson, he’s only 21).

      I don’t understand what Arsene has made difficult for himself. If anything, by bringing Sol back he proved again how visionnary he is.

  5. well, as you could read in my recent posts, I have admitted my mistake regarding Sulzeer 😉

    as for Smalling staying at Fulham, it’s just a condition of an agreement, so it’s not like it cannot be negotiated otherwise…

    Bartley is 18, Smalling is 20…

    Cruise is a midget compared to these two 😉

  6. Even if we had gotten Smalling this winter, he would still be behind Sol and Silvestre in the pecking order. He’s one for the future not for now.

    Cruise is taller than Vermaelen and of the exact same height as Gallas btw and Vermy is a midget compared to Big Phil!

    With Bendtner, Song and Eboue back + Eduardo, Vermy and Diaby back in one week, we’re looking better than we have been for a while. We can forget about Smalling and keep chuckling at the price paid by Ferguson’s near-bankrupt club…

  7. yes, but TC is still a wee boy…

    and I have always rated Phil – he can’t be that bad, we went to the CL Final with him playing CB, remember?

    and that was 4 years ago…

    and I don’t think he would be behind Sly or even Sol at a stretch…

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