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It’s the final countdown ;)

January 26, 2010

No, I am not going to write about the cheesy 80’s smash hit. This is about entering the final straight of the transfer window, which will slam shut on the Sunday midnight. As I said before, this must have been the most tranquil transfer window for some time – not too many coming and going at vast majority of clubs, we have just loaned out Big Phil and brought Big Sol back on a free to maintain the status quo numbers wise. Let me make a little digression: it takes a big man to admit a mistake and I must say that I was quite impressed with Sol so far. The prodigal son of Arsenal returned and was easily our best player on the pitch against Stoke – I came across an interesting article about how hard he worked to get this short term deal and if he manages to maintain such form and attitude whenever he is asked to play, then all is forgiven and my hat will go off for him 😉

Back to the subject: maybe it’s just me, but we seriously need to bring in reinforcements to mount proper challenge for the two trophies we can still play for. It’s been said at the very beginning of the month that we need to sign two players to balance the squad, increase the competition for places and prevent fatigue. Signing Sol doesn’t count as one, given that we got shot of Swiss Tony – 26 days into January and we are still at square one as far as I am concerned. Let’s now hope that something is brewing and we will see these two players (namely a striker with presence and a tenacious defensive midfielder) brought in this week – making last-gasp signings has been our thing in the last few windows, so maybe it’s not all lost.

From my point of view, adding to the squad of players we have can only be a good thing. Some may ask  what do we do when they are all fit and how do we keep them happy. Well, I am struggling to remember when was the last time we had all the players available for selection – anyone? Plus, competition for places makes them go the extra mile, especially since most of your players are young and the danger of suddenly becoming convinced that there is no need for further development as one has already ‘made it’ is always looming, ready to rise its ugly head. And it’s not just that – when Bendtner got injured, we have lost not only a player, but a whole dimension to our game and without anyone ready to step in to offer something in the air we got reduced to being only able to play on the deck, which may sometimes prove to be difficult to carry out successfully when the opposition chooses to tighten the space and suffocate our passing game. This makes it all too easy for them to focus on intercepting the ball without having to look out for the high balls. To call crossing into the box for our vertically challenged players to try and nod it in ‘hopeful’ is a bit of an understatement if you ask me 😆

While a tall striker is an absolute must, we could also do well with signing a backup DM better than our current second choice – shouldn’t be too hard, eh? Then again, we should have our main man back for Manure game, as Cameroon has finished their ACN adventure after Egypt put them to the sword in the quarters. As long as Song doesn’t do a Kolo we should be OK, so I am not THAT bothered about this position, however, it is always better to have an option rather than not…

Thanks for reading, what are your thoughts?