Library? Let’s make it a cauldron.

January 23, 2010

Supporters are often referred to as being the ’12th man’. It may be a cliché, but as they usually do, has a lot of truth in it. It is the players’ job to give everything on the pitch as it is the supporters’ job to do their part and sing their hearts out in the stands. It creates the very special bond between the two and allows the former to dig deeper and find the strength to go the extra mile to make the latter go even more mental. Yes, it’s that simple and must be the football’s answer to the question of creating the machine capable of perpetual motion.

If you need examples to back it up, look no further that the most recent game where we have managed to come back from 2 goal deficit to win 4:2. Due to work commitments, I was not able to attend the game, but if you are to believe these who went, it was all ignited when Taylor scored the 28th minute penalty and ran towards the Red Section to celebrate in a bit provocative manner. Up to that point, we didn’t look anywhere near being capable of scoring four goals to claim the top spot, but it all changed somehow that very moment. The fans roared, which combined with the players’ hurt ambition and allowed to switch to ‘up and at them’ mode, which produced the brilliant result we were after. This combo cannot be underestimated, and the club should do whatever it takes to make it more likely to happen in each and every game we play.

Highbury was often called ‘The Library’ due to the fact that we were quite low in the atmosphere rankings – it’s a common opinion that move to Emirates did not bring any improvement in that area and if anything, it’s the opposite. Last season, the stadium with the best atmosphere was supposedly Stoke’s Britannia Stadium. Of course, you have to take into the account the fact that they were the newly promoted side and all that, but we support one of the best damn clubs on this planet and should match their passion with ease – our superb away support is a living proof of that. Emirates has twice the capacity of BS and has a great potential to become the place where the opposing teams lose their way in the deafening noise, yet we sometimes get embarrassingly out sung by mere few thousand of away fans. Sure, we are able to create the intimidating, hostile atmosphere in the ‘big’ games (Arsene’s comments about the noise during the most recent NLD were absolutely priceless), but something must be done to make it easier to light the blue touch paper in any home game we play.

Being the practical person, I will not only identify the problem, but also suggest the solution: I came up with this idea after attending a few home games and being subjected to funny looks from these around me when I tried to start a few chants. Believe me or not, I even had a chat with a nice elderly chap who complained about the noise inside the stadium. Fair enough, each to his own, but this is the football ground we are talking about, right? My point is, some people just don’t mix with one another and should be given a choice when buying the ticket – the seating allocation should take into the account if one wants to be seated to quietly contemplate the game or join the ‘rowdy’ lot and belt out chants right until the point of losing his or her voice.

Another problem is to get all the fans to sing at the same time – I recall sitting in the upper tier and finding it difficult to sing in one voice with the Red Section located right across the stadium. As far as this issue is concerned, the club should take scientific approach – I used to DJ at various venues as well as at the open air events and I know a thing or two about sound: it’s not rocket science, it’s called acoustics. I reckon it would be enough to position a radar/sonar-like device right in the centre of the pitch, hit the ‘ping’ button and allow some egghead with a computer to find the exact spots where the sound bends and reverberates. With this data in hand, we should ask the fans what kind of section they want to be seated in and allocate the seats accordingly to create the best effect. If we will have to hand out the earplugs for the faint-hearted, so be it…

Big thanks for the brilliant-as-ever Le Grove for posting the link reference to this site in their yesterday’s article – needless to say, my traffic went through the roof! By the way, I was so eager to thank you, that I thanked the wrong author. 😳 It was due to the fact that it was Pedro who announced the new post on the previous day’s thread. Geoff, apologies, it was just the case of messing something up despite having the best intentions. It is greatly appreciated and it feels warm inside when people post comments as this blog if for the fans afterall 😀

Thank you for reading and see you in comments!


  1. nice.

    • thank you 😉

      sounds easy enough, eh?

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