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All quiet on the transfer front.

January 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here we are, sitting in the trenches and waiting for the inevitable hostilities looming large on the horizon to commence. Our infirmary is bursting in its seams, leaving our troops decimated. To be brutally honest, we have just enough big guns to stand a chance of success in the big battles, leaving us with no choice but to send rookies into the lesser skirmishes and hope for the best. Our pleas to headquarters to send in reinforcements fall on deaf ears and it seems like we will have to pray for the Lady Luck to smile upon us and carry our battle hardened warriors unscathed through these tough times ahead of us…

Please forgive all these military references but we are at war afterall – it must be said that we have done admirably well so far this term, all things considered and it would be a great shame to let all this go to waste, given our dire injury situation. We are just about to enter the crucial two weeks that will show us what we are made of and define our season. Make no mistake: with all the players sidelined, if we collect seven points or more from the next four league games it will be  nothing short of heroic and will leave us with a real chance to win the title. However, the idea of entering this all important period with three fit senior midfielders, namely Cesc, Denilson and Rosicky doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?

Once again, I have just gone through the websites in the search of the transfer rumours, but the hacks seem to be hibernating, terrified by the mini Ice Age that brought chaos upon Blighty over the course of the last month or so. Yes, we have been linked with promising Fulham defender Chris Smalling, which may have a hint of truth about it, given than Arsene did not rule this out during his recent press conference. Then again, Roy Hodgson stated that there was no approach from our side, so I am not holding my breath. Some papers try to reheat Chamakh stories as well – yawn…

Man, this must be the most boring transfer window for as long as I care to remember – people are so desperate for any news and gossip, they seem to be grabbing onto any rumour they can with both hands. Some comedian circulated the ‘news’ that Edin Dzeko was seen at the Emirates on Wednesday and it went halfway around the world in a snap after being picked up by blogs and news sites. I think that indicates how much the Arsenal fans are crying out for Le Boss to strengthen the squad. It’s just 10 days before the not-so-silly season ends when the transfer window slams shut, yet, we did not make any move to bolster our squad options. Some will say ‘but we have signed Sol’, I will say ‘puh-lease’…

Arsene has already uttered the dreaded lines about injured players being like new signings and that we are unable to find anything better than we already have. And oh, we are also supposedly too busy thinking about the upcoming games to dip into our coffers. I mean, what is our extensive scouting network doing then? And what is the purpose of Ivan Gazidis? When Dein was with us, it was all about AW pointing his finger to a player and the chosen one was with us in no time like it was magic. I am resigned to see what comes out of ridiculous attempts to plug the holes using the ‘internal options’, which are nowhere near being ready: if some of our ‘senior’ players are showing that, then what about the younger ones? Ray in SF‘s  post on Le Grove sums it up perfectly:

‘…we are so close and the obvious pieces of the jigsaw are available in the transfer market but instead of buying them we’re taking out a pair of scissors and trying to make those pieces out of the box the jigsaw came in…’

Let us all kneel and pray to whatever we all believe in for Our Glorious Leader to see the light and sign some reinforcements – yes, we are close and yes, it’s our best chance for years, but as far as I am concerned, going into the few weeks ahead of us with what we have is not a gamble, but a suicide. Surely, AW must know how to calculate the corelation between the risk and gain, being the economics graduate, but this is the hearts of millions of fans we are talking about here.

Thank you for reading, what do you think?