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Dude, where’s my striker?

January 14, 2010

First of all, I love writing match reports, I really do – it hardly matters is the game was of the good, the bad or the ugly kind. But it is completely devoid of any joy if you have to do it 24 hours later and base your views on the highlights selected and compiled by someone else, then watched when you already know the score. It’s just not right – frankly, I am kicking myself for not checking the official website any earlier to know that yesterday’s game won’t be shown live and leave the work earlier to get to Upton Park, taking a local Gooner mate with me. Perhaps, I would find more ejoyable to write about ‘Hammers gunned down in JET attack’ and had better chance to see what’s up with all this Sol Campbell related fuss if I did. But hey, we’re not going to be crying over the spilt milk, are we? Thought not…

From what I saw, we looked dominant and won quite comfortably, despite the referee letting them back into it by awarding them not one, but two quite soft penalties in quick succession (not as quick as 2 JET’s goals in the first half, mind you) to bring the game level in the second half. And to be honest, it didn’t look like the opposition could muster much more. Some may disagree, but thanks to ATVO, I can only take a leaf out of Our Glorious Leader’s book and say ‘I didn’t see eet’. We had shaken it off and proceeded to try and put our noses back in front. Thanks to Frimpong’s strike 5 minutes later we went 3:2 up and further 7 minutes later Thomas completed his hat trick late in the game. Not bad, eh? A few good goals, nice passages of play, well, this is what we like to see, don’t we? Real shame we couldn’t treat ourselves with a live screening with no football in sight, great job ATVO, well done you 😯

Just a few words on Sol – playing with our reserve team, he is old enough to be the father to most of them. I think he really wants to join, as it must have been something else for him to be captained by a 18 year old. From what I could gather, given scarce footage, he generally made use of his experience, positioned himself well and did what he was expected to do. But whether he still has what it takes to step up, should the worst case cenario unfold, remains to be seen. I will quash the desire to rant about how we could and should do better than that for the time being. It is unwise to allow things you can’t change to get on your nerves 😉

Since we have more or less sorted out the shortage at the back, now is the time to go on and focus on strengthening in the attacking department – the silly season is nearly halfway through and we are not even rumoured to be after anyone of that sort. I mean, what’s stopping us? Are we really going to rely on Nicklas as the sole provider of an alternative option upfront for the remainder of the season or are we going to dip into our coffers and spend some money for proven quality, which can prove to be the difference between finishing first and being the first of the losers? AW doesn’t seem to be keen to bring anyone in for the long term – I reckon he would love to make another Sol Campbell-like signing to plug the gaps and provide some much needed depth. Sure, there is some logic in that, but he is not making it any easier for himself by doing that, is he? Seriously, I am resigned to give any striker of reasonable quality the benefit of the doubt, I just want it over and done with sonner rather than later, but that is not how we do our thing, right?

As always, Le Boss is keen to buy some young prodigies from all over the planet – the last one for the future is Bolivian right winger Samuel Galindo. Only 17 years old, yet he already captains his national U21 side, which is quite impressive if you ask me. He is rumoured to be going straight into the senior side rather than youth setup, read more on that on Young Guns website.

I will leave it at that for today – gotta run to pack my bags, as I am flying to Poland to sort out a few things. Wish me luck – last time I tried to go, I got stuck at the airport for 12 hours due to pathetic few inches of snow and didn’t go anywhere but back home. I am set to meet a few Polish Gooners for a few pints to cheer on the mighty Arsenal on Sunday, should be a good laugh.

Thanks for reading, I shall do my best to come back tomorrow…