ATVO’s poor show on the family reunion and derby win.

January 13, 2010

It seems like a signing is looming large (really, no need to read between the lines, that’s just nasty) – looks like a deal, which aims to help to bring some required depth in the centre back position is as good as done. All the signs point to welcoming the return of one of the Invincibles, 35 years old Sol Campbell anytime soon. He has been training with Arsenal for some time and somehow got registered to play for us in the Reserve League against West Ham at Upton Park last night. This has been the first time he donned an Arsenal shirt since the memorable night in Paris where he scored a goal to put us ahead. Sol played in the first half last night and was replaced with Academy player, Ignasi Miquel, in the second. Talk about extremes…

Whilst I would love to write a match review, unfortunately it proved impossible to catch the game on ATVO, as they for some strange reason decided not to show any further reserve games for the remainder of the season. There is not a lot you can write on the basis of this, so I guess I will have to come back to you on that subject after I get to watch ‘extended highlights’ due to be available later this afternoon. Bizarre, if you ask me – reserve team games were one of the highlights of the limited program offered by our club channel. Surely, the right way forward must be to do more, not less? I can hardly understand logic behind it, being a subscriber myself – it would be great to have something to smile about after the game of snowball played on the weekend some would rather forget. We all would be more than happy to get eyewitness opinion on Campbell, see JET’s hattrick and give a cheer after the Frimpong goal.

Returning to the hottest topic of the day: I mean, how does Arsene do that? Maybe it’s my twisted sense of humour, but I find it hilarious that after tying up our permanent ‘new signing’ right at the beginning of the transfer window, Le Boss stuck two fingers up the author of ‘geriatric’ question asked during the last shareholders meeting in May. Sly is no spring chicken, but three years Sulzeer’s junior nevertheless – I don’t think AW does that on purpose, but you just have to appreciate the irony and laugh. Someone pointed out yesterday that it would have to be an absolute first for any player to sign on a free TWICE for the same club. Some will probably think that it is an idea worth giving it some benefit of the doubt, personally, I will go for small benefit of a very significant one: does he have legs to play high line like we do? We are not Portsmouth and tend to leave our back four as far as halfway line (well, sometimes), right? Besides, I can’t forget him allowing WHU to score 2 goals and storming out of the ground afterwards as well as asking Arsene for an opportunity to play ‘abroad’. Frankly, I think fella is mad as a hatter, but let’s see, there may be a method to this madness. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall any embarassing stories from the time he played for Pompey and he captained them to the FA Cup success in 2008 too. While I am a bit unconvinced, Wrighty7 offers a bit more of an optimistic point of view on this…

With a little (hell, a minimum) effort from ATVO, we will hopefully get to see how it went yesterday. Fact is that we did not concede a goal with SC in the back four, unlike in the second half, when we shipped two, penalties or no penalties.

Thank you for reading 😉

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