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‘Good’ is the enemy of the ‘great’.

January 11, 2010

As we are entering one of the few periods with no football in sight for nearly a week, you would be forgiven for thinking that now is the time to make a move in the transfer market to address the deficiencies of our squad. These have been widely discussed in the media, the blogosphere and it was agreed that we need to strengthen to bolster our options.

Where do we start? Events of the Everton game has told us that we don’t have sufficient coverage as far as our defensive midfield position is concerned. As I have expected, Denilson did not manage to prove ranks of his doubters wrong and has been exposed for what he is – lightweight and not good enough to handle this role on his own without the calming presence of our most improved player this season. Ever since he came to Arsenal, I saw him as more of attacking player with brilliant shot on him, but never a defensive one. It was really sad and annoying to watch the lad doing whatever he can despite his obvious limitations and being found out. I don’t think he has it in him to make an impact this season and can only be considered as a squad option with a proper DM behind him – this should force Arsene’s hand to go out and buy someone who is quicker and possesses more defensive discipline, enough to play the role on his own, as putting someone who needs another player to look for out him into three-man midfield stifles creativity and strips us of the counterattacking speed.

Another worrying sign was Billy’s ‘injury’ in the first half of the game – when he stopped, clearly in pain, most of the Gooners must have thought ‘oh no’ and when he carried on, we were all grateful to football gods for not letting us end up with Sly partnering TV at the back, as the consequences could have been dire. While his professionalism, given the feelings of most of the Gooners towards him must be seen as commendable, the thought of him being our third choice centre back gives me shivers. But we have Senderos, you will say. I say possible reliance on a player who managed ONE game since his return from loan and seems to be behind the aforementioned Silvestre in pecking order is not something you would bet your bottom dollar on, is it? Besides, he will leave in the summer and no one can blame him – he is just entering his prime and will make fans of some other club happy, mark my words. We seriously need some backup there but I have my doubts about the rumoured return of Sol Campbell, even as a short-term option, as he proved to be unreliable and probably doesn’t have legs to play for the team employing high line tactic like we do. If football was sport where you allowed multiple ad hoc substitutions, he could be a good option to have to defend set pieces, however, since it’s not, we need someone younger, faster and with a bit more perspective. I know it’s hard to do it in the mid-season with the World Cup looming, but can’t we look at the great absentees? Turks did not qualify, neither did Croats or Russians, just to name three. They have enough quality to pick from and some of their players would probably grab the opportunity to play for club of our stature with both hands.

I think we all agree we are a bit short (if you excuse this unintended pun) in the attacking department too. We can’t always pass our way through on the deck, so we do require a bit of a plan B – seeing one of the crosses actually reaching our vertically challenged forwards to some effect puts the smile on fans’ faces, but I think we should swing the odds in our favour there. Presence. If we are to pose any threat to the likes of John Terry, we need some of this and we need it badly. B52 may have the height, but what if he has an off day when we need him, or the inconceivable happens and he sustains another injury? Not to mention that some competition would do him a world of good 😉

All these questions need to be answered pronto. This is the time to do it – go on boss, show them we mean business, let’s get them running scared: the sooner we get them in, the sooner they will settle in and play, is it not that simple?  Don’t say you’d be ‘killing’ good players you have at your disposal – we want to be beyond the reach of any idiot of a referee and above any other obstacle. If you need to get shot of a few good young players to get a few great ready made ones in, so be it…

I know I said yesterday this will be about transfer rumours, but there just isn’t any, seriously. I have visited about every poxy site and couldn’t find anything to analyse or laugh at – did I jinx it with mocking Zarate rumour or what? Come on, don’t be shy 😆