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Rumour mill revving up. £40 million? Really?

January 8, 2010

Seven days into the transfer window, we were yet to hear any absolutely ridiculous Arsenal related rumour (Higuain for Cesc was a good attempt, but that’s just lazy) – lo & behold, we have the first one and it’s so devoid of probability, one doesn’t know whether to laugh or give full marks in the silly season’s who-will-get-the-most-hits competition. Seriously, there should be an award for that – movie business has Razzies, why not introduce an award for the most laughable transfer window press gossip? Such hard work cannot go unnoticed and unrewarded, it should definitely be called golden something, can’t think of what this could be. Any suggestions?

Reliable-as-ever site, which shall remain nameless, employs many writers capable of reaching for this honour without breaking sweat. The latest work of genius involves Arsene submitting a bid for Lazio’s Mauro Zarate. What is so ridiculous about this one, you will ask – not much, we are in for a striker afterall, then you read the headline and it contains an amount of money so ‘unwengerlike’ you think it’s a typo. Come on, £40 million? Zut alors, I can buy a team for that much, AW would say and he probably would not be too far from the truth, given his obsession with not paying over the odds for anybody. Official website ran a story where he said that he would not pay £10 million for someone worth half that amount. Given the recent prolonged transfer sagas, we all know it’s more than just a foreplay before making a kill, it’s what he really thinks. Whilst being cautious with spending big is commendable and all, one must sometimes think that this extra few million risked in the process could be quickly recouped from sales of merchandise with the word ‘Champions’ on it alone. As much as he likes to gamble, like with not replacing Adebayor, this is just not his game. Man, I miss Dein whispering into his ear…

I’d say we can all agree that it’s a non starter, but so far a hot favourite to the golden thingy. Let’s just leave it at that. Other than that, there is Carlton Cole’s case, which is gathering momentum – there are all the right noises being made, some go as far as him being due for presentation on Monday with Wilshere going the other way on loan. The press doesn’t mention it, so it may well be the case  of no news being good news. I still have my reservations about his fitness, but hey, I am prepared to give the lad a chance should he come and I think vast majority of Gooners will share this view. There is also this Traore kid giant – apparently, there could be a problem with his work permit, given the fact that he did not manage sufficient percentage of international games – to be precise, he is actually yet to be called up by IC. I don’t know a lot about these regulations, perhaps he could get permission to play in the Prem on the basis of being an ‘exceptional talent’ – correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Song get one of these? I would love to see him in the Arsenal shirt, just for a laugh of seeing him lined up next to Arshy if for nothing else – if we were to play a ‘little & large’ kind of attack partnership, this would be the ultimate one 😉

Typically, there is not a lot of talk about as far as defensive options are concerned. One worth mentioning is Billy G. being set to meet with AW to discuss possible contract extension. There is talk of him being offered a deal longer than the dreaded one year contract, which used to be Arsenal’s standard for over 30 year olds. Hopefully the offer will be good enough to convince him to stay with us, as if he was to leave on a free in the summer, we could struggle to find a quality replacement.

I would be very surprised if we didn’t strengthen this month – this has a little bit of ‘kid waiting for Xmas’ feeling about it: waiting in anticipation and sneakily trying to find out where your parents hid the presents. Once you establish the latter, it’s a guessing game – is the box of the right size and weight? does it make the right kind of sound when you try to shake it? Will the surprise be a nice one or will you be a bit disappointed? OK, enough of that…

I will be back tomorrow with Everton game preview, let us hope some barmy health & safety do-gooder will not ‘advise’ to call this one off 😕

Thank you for reading!