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Big chill puts the Bolton game back in hand.

January 7, 2010

Well, that was a bit disappointing, wasn’t it?  Late in the day the club announced:

Despite making every effort to stage tonight’s match against Bolton Wanderers, the sudden and unpredicted adverse change in weather conditions in the Highbury area has left us no choice but to postpone the fixture.

Funny that, it was our game in hand afterall. When we will get to play this one is anybody’s guess, given the fixture congestion. I reckon sticking it on either side of the reverse fixture to make it a back to back affair would not be such a bad idea, but we shall see. Official website posted a picture special showing quite scary images, but these who are ATVO subscribers could see the pitch looking perfect and ready as ever. I could rant about the health and safety brigade and would be at it until tomorrow, but it’s an Arsenal blog in the end. Looking on the bright side, it should give our players some rest much needed to take on Toffees on Saturday, as they have a big point to prove after the 6:1 thumping dished out on the opening day of the season.  More on that on Saturday.

Since we have no game to review, let’s move on to the subject of transfer rumours – AW reportedly said he was considering whether to plunge into the market or not, depending on B52’s fitness test. Quite frankly, one needs to take this quote with a pinch of salt, as I just can’t see how we could continue to challenge on all three fronts with just two nominal strikers at our disposal: not replacing Adebayor was a gamble, not replacing The Boy Wonder would be a suicide. As far as I am concerned, this is just usual smoke and mirrors tactic, and I hope he will get busy next week when we will be without any football to talk about for about eight days, barring yesterday’s game being rescheduled for next Wednesday. A signing oughta cheer us poor souls up 😉

According to some sources, we are in for 19 years old CFR Cluj’s Ivorian striker Lacina Traore. Dubbed ‘The new Adebayor’ (hopefully, it’s a reference to Ade of 07/08 season, not the ‘superstar’ of 08/09), he looks quite a prospect and his club value him at reasonable four million euros – mind you, we have just shelled out more or less the same amount on some Brazillian kid we won’t see for some time. I will be watching the progress of this one with some interest. He could bring some much needed presence upfront

Another possible addition is West Ham’s Carlton Cole. Probably more of a ready made product with quite a bit of domestic experience and not cup-tied in Europe, however, his injury record is a bit of a worry and it may put off potential suitors. Zola said he was slightly short of full fitness, but I would rather look somewhere else to be honest. I might have mentioned it before, but there is a player currently scoring for fun in Brazil who is keen to get into Dunga’s good book before World Cup – Adriano would be a good short term option if AW somehow managed to keep him straight. ‘My way or the highway’ type of gentlemen’s agreement would probably do the trick, if you ask me…

Thank you for reading, ’til tomorrow 😉