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‘New signing’

January 5, 2010

Arsene has some sense of humour to extend Rosicky’s contract in the transfer period, doesn’t he? For the past couple of years Tomas Rosicky was referred to as being ‘like a new signing’ during and around a few consecutive windows. As the time went by, we waited for this particular one to materialise, but instead we would find more and more articles and quotes on how it was going to be just another few weeks or months. This season Super Tom finally overcame his ‘one of a kind’, career threatening injury and managed to put a few games under his belt – I was one of a few thousand Gooners to cheer him on his ‘debut’ at Barnet where he captained the side and got a very warm welcome. I guess everyone was happy to see this crafty little player back  – we all knew what sort of impact Little Mozart may offer when fit.

Sure, it would be hardly realistic to expect such player to hit the ground running in such physically demanding league, so like the other returnee he had a few more short spells on the sidelines with minor niggles. While Eduardo is visibly getting back in the groove, we are yet to see Rosicky playing more often, however, everytime he enters the pitch, he looks a handful.  Let’s hope that he manages more games and repays the club for the faith and patience shown by Le Gaffer.

Still, we don’t have a lot of rumours on possible real new signings to talk about, do we? 

I have the money, I have the desire but I do not have the player.’ is the latest of the manager’s pearls thrown to the journos for them to add a bit of spin to it. Winston Churchill once said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on, so if there ever was an ideal transfer window quote, this is it – AW, being AW, loves keeping cards close to his chest and making inconclusive statements that keeps the competition, the hacks and the fans guessing – will he, won’t he? Fair enough, it’s probably much harder to find anyone – who is deemed good enough, mind you –  to move in the World Cup year, plus, not too many clubs have money to spend before they sell. We can expect a domino effect at one point, when one or two moves will spark the market into life. I am sure we will be spending money wisely for the benefit of the club, rather than blowing stupid amounts on below par players.

Yesterday brought us a sneaky gossip about Sol Campbell rejoining us on a short-term basis – now do we really need another bench warmer and a slightly mental one at that? Le Grove’s Pedro summed it up perfectly, and I agree. On top of that, Invincible he may be, but I still remember his storming out of the WHU game as well as asking Le Boss for a chance to play abroad to move to bloody Pompey – I hope we will dodge this bullet and sign someone with a bit more perspective about him. Micah Richards, anyone? Decent player, a Gooner and another one to snatch from uder Spuds’ noses. I reckon he would be a great understudy for Billy and could form quite a partnership with Verminator in a couple of years.

Thank you for reading, I will be back tomorrow with the Shitkickers game preview and perhaps/hopefully some more…