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Is no news good news? Is the glass half full or half empty?

January 2, 2010

First of all, apologies for not returning to post later yesterday  – things turned out not the way I planned and I was nowhere near a PC I could use for enough time to write 😉

Not a lot transfer rumours and news circulating in the press, just echoes of the most recent AW’s interview and some rehashed stories about Chamakh not coming to us in January – the latter seems perfectly logical, as Bordeaux may benefit more from him staying put – measly few million pounds they would get for him with just a few months left on his contract are outweighed by what he can bring to the table in Ligue 1 and Champions League. AW himself said that they can’t say anything solid, but ‘they are working on something’ – same ol’, same ol’. Fair enough, heralding our targets is not what we do – this may be a good tactic, as other clubs may just lie in waiting to take advantage of our scouting network. What is interesting, Le Boss does not expect anyone to leave (bar maybe Jackie Boy being loaned out to get more games), which is good news, as I would be sad to see Senderos go and let’s hope he does good in tomorrow’s FA Cup clash to get more games. He is a decent defender and should be an option as far as resting Billy against lesser opposition is concerned.

Still, I reckon we should get at least 2 players in – a striker is a priority, as B52 is 3 weeks away from fitness and RvP is out for the whole season – with Chamakh out of the equation, we are left with just a few rumours to digest. The most likely seems to be Toulouse’s Andre Pierre Gignac – ticks the right boxes: young, French, not cup tied and reasonably tall. Did not see enough of him to say anything, but some of his goals look quite tasty, so I would think AW may give it a go. It is disputable how well he would adapt to the Premiership, but hey, we will never know if he doesn’t come here, right? Personally, I would test Steve Bruce’s resilience as far as Kenwyne Jones is concerned. I see him as something in Ade’s mould but stronger and with better attitude. His goalscoring record (approximately one in two) is not too shabby and he looks to be a good option to help breaking through the opposition’s Alamo style formations.

If we are still in for Chamakh in the summer, we could consider getting someone on loan. We had a discussion about Adriano – I think he would be ideal for our needs – quality, strength and good motivation to do well to impress Dunga before the World Cup. Party boy he may be, but so was Tony Adams and other Arsenal legends. If we keep him straight, he can be something else.

With Song gone to ACN and Denilson injured, we are short on defensive midfield options – none of the players available have what it takes to play effectively in this position rather than making up the numbers: Eastmond and Coquelin are miles away from being ready as Prem is just not the same as an odd cup game or more regular reserves appearance. From all fit players, I would give Senderos a runout there – he played one game in the pre season in that position and I was positively surprised with his awareness and passing range. Nevertheless, I think we may buy someone like Matuidi – Comolli is St Etienne’s director of football and there were even some rumours about Tony Adams becoming their manager. Time will tell.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and be gentle with your F5 keys! 😆