Happy New Year and silly season everyone!

January 1, 2010

Good morning and all the best in this New Year for all readers…

This is going to be a short one with more to come later today – I hope you had brilliant time celebrating coming of the New Year 2010 and returned to base safely, just like I did.  This is the moment we put the mistakes of the past year behind us and look forward to hopefully making the new one better than the last.  Same must go for the club – a deep and honest look into where did we go wrong, what was lacking and what to do in order to put these issues right is a must. Funnily enough, it coincides with the start of transfer window, which should be quite handy as far as finding the answers to the deficiencies is concerned.

Oh well – let the shorter session of analysing the rumours, trying to digest new and rehashed quotes from clubs, players and agents begin. How easy this must be for lazy sport journos – I know what they get for Xmas and it must be the transfer window starting shortly after cessation of festivities. I know I will only believe in a player being signed when he walks out and comes up with some ‘I am Gooner’ kind of greeting…

During the next few weeks, we will get to see a good few well constructed rumours as well as some comically ridiculous ones – here’s to some good discussions on both…

Anyway, I will be back later to offer a bit more of an insightful effort – need to get some sleep for the time being 😉

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