Pompey preview

December 30, 2009

So here it is: we are in quite a good position, well in the title race, which seemed to be a pipe dream after we got spanked by Chelsea at home. Luckily for us, it seems they happen to have greater ability to drop points than I would expect them to, which is good for us as long as we keep up the pressure and don’t crumble – most of their spine is off to ACN, which could spell trouble for them, unless they take advantage of the fact of their transfer ban being suspended and chuck around some of their owner’s roubles. That, my friends, is another story…

Winning the next game is crucial for maintaining the momentum after beating the in form Villa – this game could be telling as far as the mentality of our players is concerned: can they show the same motivation to beat the rock-bottom Pompey? I know our players were guilty of complacency last season and that resulted in us being out of the race at about the same point last year – Le Boss must do everything possible to root this out, as it rose its ugly head when we played WHU and, to lesser extent, at Burnley, where we took our foot off the gas and allowed them back in the game. We need to be ruthless and repeat what we did at home, bar the single goal conceded.

Make no mistake: Avram Grant is a brilliant manager, he may be no fancy sweet talking Mourinho like fella, but he seems to be doing the job quite well. Beating Pool by 2 goals is no mean feat and they have won 3 out of 4 of their last home games, which got them all the home points they’ve got at the moment, which shows in this table. They might have been our whipping boys for decades, but we may want to be wary of the fact that they are playing for their dear lives, which will add some spring in their step. They may want to add to their point tally to become the first side in history that avoided relegation after being bottom at Christmas. Does not seem so impossible as the league is tighter than ever on both ends of the table.

We don’t seem to have any new injuries, good news is that we may have Little Mozart available after another niggle – I would not risk starting him, he could well come in as a sub for the last 30 minutes or the entire second half. We are quite desperate for direct and creative players at the moment and he could just fit the bill if needed. Of course, here’s to hoping that we will be up by a few cracking goals by then and he will just get a runout to shake off the rust. I would consider starting Carlos Vela, Eduardo & Theo upfront, leaving our little Russian on the bench, just in case.  Midfield three of my choice would be Song, Diaby and Nasri playing in the Cesc’s role (which is more natural for him than wide forward, where he seems a bit lost at times). Back four picks itself, so no selection headache for the Boss there.

Can we beat them? Hell yes. Will we beat them? We should, if we apply ourselves…

This is a potential banana skin – we seriously need to win all the games in the following month to keep up with the title race pace – we play in a kind of  little ‘Top Four League’ after that and we should get the maximum points from winnable games to stay in it, and I would not mind the two FA Cup scalps either. Check the fixture list here.

Anyway, come on you rip roaring Gunners! I’ll be back here during the game and after to share views and opinions.


  1. Bollox…big bollox !!!!

    All the best with this new venture Sug !!!

  2. Fucking moderation Sug…its me Sharkey from LG….

    Who do you think you are – Geoff..??

  3. Sorry SS, I was on my way to work 😉

    it’s early days and I’m not yet quite as effective in managing the blog, will get better, I promise 😆

    hope you enjoyed reading…

  4. OK, here it is 😉

    15 minutes until kick off – as usually, can’t wait…

    if you’re stuck in moderation, please be patient, I am watching the game and will get you out ASAP, it’s just one-off and you will be able to post afterwards…

    enjoy 😀

  5. Song was magnificent. Rambo and Diaby also very very good.

    Very good performance all round from the whole team, although personally I could have done with a bit more effort from Arshavin though, as he’s my dream tean captain

  6. absolutely stunning performance, SS 😉

    I can hardly recognise Diaby, and 3 freekick goals scored in a few games in a row recently…

    man, I am sooo looking forward to writing the review 😀

  7. Yeah, I;ll give it a read in the morning.


  8. nite SS…

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